Vampire Princess Miyu TV Characters
These are the major characters in the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series. The profiles are spoiler-free.

ImageMiyu is an eternally youthful vampire girl who can be recognized by her golden eyes and unusual hairstyle: long brown hair, a bun on the left side of her head, and a braid, entwined with a red ribbon, falling from it. As the Guardian (or the Watcher), Miyu's duty is to return the Shinma (god demons) to the dark. She can call forth a flame into her hand that burns the Shinma and returns it to the dark. Sometimes Miyu announces her arrival by playing on her flute. Miyu is not a typical vampire: she can walk around during the day, she has a reflection, and she is immune to holy water, garlic, and other traditional vampire wards. Also, Miyu's bite does not kill her victims; instead, it allows them to live forever in dream worlds where they are eternally happy. Miyu's closest companion and ally is Larva; sometimes Shiina appears to accompany her. Miyu is generally very quiet and composed, though she feels very strongly about certain things, especially when her rival, Reiha, takes the opposite position. It's not clear if Miyu either likes or dislikes humans since she has contradicting opinions at different times. However, she has a soft spot for children. She poses as Yamano Miyu, an ordinary school girl at the local junior high school, and she "lives" in the graveyard nearby. (When posing as a human, Miyu's eyes are brown.) At school, Miyu is quickly befriended by Chisato and generally follows Chisato, Hisae, and Yukari around.

Image Larva is originally a Western Shinma (as opposed to a Japanese Shinma) who is now Miyu's companion. He wears a dark cloak and a mask that he can remove. Larva has strange hands with very long red nails/claws that can tear through almost anything. He occasionally uses a scythe in battle. Larva always appears in order to assist Miyu in defeating Shinma, and he also serves as Miyu's emotional support, being the only one who can truly understand her.

Image Inoue Chisato is a very cheerful and outgoing girl, willing to make friends with anyone. A good-natured girl, she is innocent, passionate, and childish. Chisato is quick to defend those who need defending, and though she is equally quick to anger, her temper never lasts long. Chisato is Miyu's first and closest friend at school. When Chisato sees a man selling charms on the street, she buys two, one for herself and an identical one for Miyu. She says that these charms signify how she and Miyu will be friends forever.

ImageAoki Hisae and Kashima Yukari are Chisato's friends. Hisae is a short, quiet girl with brown hair and glasses. She is the "intellectual" one of the group, and Chisae says Hisae is the one interested in books. Yukari is the tall girl with blue hair. Chisato introduces her as the strongest girl in the group. Both girls hang out with Chisato and Miyu.

Image Reiha is a snow demon that resembles a child. She always carries with her a doll named Matsukaze. Reiha has the ability to create strong blasts of ice from her hands. This "Blizzard" attack instantly freezes and kills her victims. Reiha is very cold, calm, and collected. She speaks formally to everyone, even to her enemies. She intensely dislikes Miyu and appears to have no sympathy for anyone. While Miyu would prefer to leave humans alone, if humans get in Reiha's way, she simply blasts them the same as if they were Shinma. Reiha's reasons for disliking Miyu and targeting Shinma are unclear.

Image Matsukaze is Reiha's doll. Unlike Reiha, Matsukaze is quickly angered. He is brash, rude, and insulting, especially to Miyu, whom he hates. Matsukaze does not appear to have any powers of his own besides the "ability" to talk and have his own personality. Reiha considers Matsukaze as a different person from herself, but Miyu does not.

Image Shiina is a bunny-like Shinma. Because Shiina has such little power, Miyu lets her stay in this world. Shiina is very fond of Miyu, and she appears randomly at Miyu's side during the series. Shiina has her right ear flapped over her right eye. When she lifts up her ear, a huge, bloodshot-like yellow eye is revealed; with that eye, Shiina can see things that no one else can. She uses that power to see through illusions or to look over extremely long distances. Though Shiina is rather benevolent, she does not like humans and thinks Miyu should just leave them alone.


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