I chose to do a Vampire Princess Miyu website because it's one of my favorite anime and manga series. The OVA series was one of my first anime series; it's dark and beautiful, with one of the best ending twists I've seen. The manga series is gorgeously drawn, and I also enjoy the TV series, though I don't find it as deep as the original OVA series. At the time that I started this website, in 2001, there were several Vampire Princess Miyu websites on the Internet, though many had not been updated for a while; as 2010, there are very few, if any, Vampire Princess Miyu sites that are still online.

Eternal Requiem is the name of episode 26 from the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series, as translated by the fansub group Odyssey Anime.

Version Two of Eternal Requiem is extremely simple. It features a manga image of Miyu and Larva and uses the font Cezanne, a texture from Tre-xture, and a background from BGPatterns.com.

The first design of this site, up for nine years, was created by my friend Immora. ♥

Huge thank-yous go to Andrea C., Flávia Pratti Carreira, Melody, Heidi, CamileVidanZeta, and others for their contributions to the site.

Special thanks go to Janaki and Ganymede from the Indiana Sailor Moon mailing list for helping me get into the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series.

Some websites that I used as resources include AnimeNation, Amazon.co.jp, Amazon.com, and Yahoo!Japan Auctions.

Some of the DVD, LD, and manga covers came from Minitokyo.net and Animepaper.net.

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