Welcome to Eternal Requiem, a small fansite focusing on Kyuuketsuki Miyu (吸血姫美夕), a Japanese anime and manga series more commonly known as Vampire Princess Miyu or Vampire Miyu. The main character of this series is Miyu, an eternally youthful vampire girl whose duty is to return the Shinma ("god demons" that prey on human beings) to the dark. Miyu is not your typical vampire - sunlight, holy water, and crosses have no effect on her, and when she drinks blood from a human, she grants them a different kind of immortality - eternity in a dream world. Known as the Watcher or the Guardian, she possesses special powers that enable her to fulfill her duty. Her devoted companion and protector, Larva, assists her.

There are different versions of Miyu's story, the major sources being the OVA series (the original version of the story), the various manga series, and the TV series. (There are also many series of radio dramas, but I am not familiar with them.) In each of the stories, the basic premise is the same, but the characters, themes, and backgrounds can be very different and are unique to their particular story. Miyu herself is a different character in each series.

To learn more about Vampire Princess Miyu, please click the links to your right to navigate the site. This site also includes the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for the Kyuuketsuki Miyu series. Thank you to Selene for the old members list!

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