The creators of the Vampire Princess Miyu series are Kakinouchi Narumi and Hirano Toshiki, a married couple. For the original OVA series, Hirano was the director, and Kakinouchi was the animation director and character designer. They later created the manga series, with Kakinouchi, a professional mangaka, doing the artwork while Hirano scripted the story. For the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series, which came last, Kakinouchi and Hirano did the storyboards, Hirano was a director, and Kakinouchi did the preliminary character designs.

The above information on Kakinouchi and Hirano came from Vampire Miyu.

The following are projects Hirano has worked on. The list is courtesy of CamileVidanZeta.

The following are manga series by Kakinouchi, not including the Vampire series. The ISBN numbers for the various series were all contributed by Flávia Pratti Carreira. Kakinouchi has also done illustrations for other projects, including novel illustrations.

Code Name Charmer

Fighting Girl Juline

Fuuun San Shimai Lin3

Koi Sui Ren

Le Masque

Magic at 3 PM

Men Gensou

Mermaid Trip

Moon Princess

Utahime Fight!

The Wanderer


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