Vampire Princess Miyu Manga
There are multiple manga series and spin-offs of the Vampire Princess Miyu story.

Vampire Princess Miyu
The first manga is the main Vampire Princess Miyu (吸血姫美夕) series, which was created by Hirano Toshiki and Kakinouchi Narumi after the OVA series. It was originally just a single volume published in 1989. After that, Kakinouchi and Hirano worked on the Vampire Yui and Shin Vampire Princess Miyu manga series. The main Vampire Princess Miyu series began again in the late 1990s, with the manga's second volume released in 1998. It ran for a total of ten volumes until 2002.

Vampire Princess Miyu

Vampire Yui and Vampire Yui Kanonshou
The Vampire Yui (吸血姫夕維) series is by Kakinouchi and focuses on another child vampire guardian, Yui. It was five volumes long and ran from 1990 until 1995. A sequel, Vampire Yui Kanonshou (吸血姫夕維-香音抄), began in 2002 and was eight volumes total. From 2006 through 2007, both Vampire Yui series were republished into thicker, smaller-sized formats with new covers (three volumes for the first series and four volumes for the sequel).

Vampire Yui

Vampire Yui Republications

Vampire Yui Kanonshou

Vampire Yui Kanonshou Republications

Shin Vampire Princess Miyu
The third series, Shin Vampire Princess Miyu (新吸血姫美夕), is by Kakinouchi and Hirano. Its story involves the invasion of the Western Shinma into Japan. Characters from both the Vampire Princess Miyu series and the Vampire Yui series appear in it. Although the series is prefixed with shin, meaning "new," it is a sequel to just the first volume of Vampire Princess Miyu; the rest of the Vampire Princess Miyu series is actually a sequel to the entire Shin Vampire Princess Miyu series. Shin Vampire Princess Miyu is five volumes long.

Shin Vampire Princess Miyu

From 2002 through 2005, Vampire Princess Miyu and Shin Vampire Princess Miyu were republished together as a single series. This republication used a thicker, smaller-sized format and had new covers. There were ten volumes total. Shin Vampire Princess Miyu is covered from volume 2 through volume 4, and Vampire Princess Miyu is covered by volume 1, then volume 5 through volume 10. (Thank you to Hhaamu for the correction.)

Vampire Princess Miyu / Shin Republications

Vampire Princess
A fourth series called Vampire Princess (吸血姫(ヴァンパイア・プリンセス)) ran from 2009 through 2012 for a total of five volumes. It looks like an alternate universe, or retelling, of the Vampire Princess series, set in the Meiji period. Miyu (who goes by the name "Yu") and Yui are the main characters.

Miyu Saku and Vampire Yui Saishuushou
A new manga series focusing on Miyu called Miyu Saku (美夕 朔) (saku meaning "new moon") began in December 2017 on the comics website Champion Cross. Currently 3 volumes have been published.

A new manga series focusing on Yui called Vampire Yui Saishuushou (吸血姫夕維 最終章) (saishuushou meaning "final chapter") began in November 2017 on Champion Cross. The series was two volumes total.

Spin-Offs and Artbooks
There are several other Vampire spin-offs including a Vampire Princess Miyu comic novel released in 1990, another novel, a manga by Kakinouchi called Dahlia the Vampire, and one official artbook.

English Translations
I.C. Entertainment (Studio Ironcat), a North American company, translated Shin Vampire Miyu into English, first as monthly installments and then as complete volumes. I.C. also started translating Vampire Yui and the main Vampire Princess Miyu series before the company went out of business. It appears that only five volumes of the main Vampire Princess Miyu series were ever published in English. No other company has published any of the manga in English.


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