Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series
The Vampire Princess Miyu TV series was produced by Anime International Company. The series began airing on the channel TV Tokyo in October 1997. It aired every Tuesday at 01:15 until its end in March 1998. The series was 26 episodes long, but only 25 episodes actually showed on TV. The second episode, "At the Next Station," did not air on television because it too closely resembled an actual murder in Japan at that time. The episode was, however, released on VHS and LD.

The TV series is quite different from the OVA series in plot, characters, and seiyuu. The TV series Miyu is more withdrawn and collected, not as playful or child-like as the OVA Miyu. Also her history is different. While the OVA series Larva is well-known for being unable to remove his mask or talk, he can do both in the TV series (like in the manga). Other manga characters (Reiha, Matsukaze, and Shiina) appear in the TV series while OVA characters (Ranka and Himiko) do not.

Many fans feel that the TV series is not as deep or as subtle as the OVA series. It definitely is more episodic, as there is a "Shinma of the day" for most of the series. However, the atmosphere and plot are still dark, and in my opinion, the animation is excellent and the music is wonderful.

Tokyo Pop released the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series in North America.


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