Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Characters
These are the major characters in the Vampire Princess Miyu OVA series.

HimikoSe Himiko is the main character of the OVA series, and the series is told from her point of view. Himiko is a spiritualist who is called in to help clients deal with or solve strange occurences. While investigating a matter in Kyoto, she encounters the strange vampire girl, Miyu. Though a spirtualist, Himiko is rather close-minded about certain things, especially dealing with Miyu, and she resents the girl. Resolving to get to the bottom of Miyu's involvement with these odd cases, Himiko is absolutely determined to track Miyu down and discover her true nature.

MiyuMiyu is an eternally youthful vampire girl who hunts Shinma, or god demons, and sends them back to the dark where they belong. In order to strip them of their powers, she must call their name; she then uses her flame to return them to the dark. Unlike the vampires of lore, she is immune to sunlight, holy water, and crosses. When she takes blood from a human, she grants that person immortality, allowing the person to live forever in a dream world. Miyu is very childlike in nature, and her only friend is her constant companion Larva.

LarvaLarva is Miyu's silent companion. He wears a dark cloak, has a mask that always covers his face, and has white hands with long, red nails. Miyu depends on him for assistance against Shinma and for emotional support, though he never says a word.


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