Vampire Princess Miyu Original Soundtrack

Pony Canyon: D28G0087, PCCG-00429 (January 8, 1998, 1,890 yen)

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  1. Opening Theme
  2. Woman Spiritualist, Himiko
  3. Larva's Theme
  4. A Pitiful Destiny
  5. Pursuit
  6. Arrival of the Shinma
  7. A Quietly Approaching Shadow
  8. The Ancient Capital
  9. Kei's Theme
  10. Beautiful Ranka
  11. Attack of the Armored Monster
  12. A Flame in the Darkness
  13. Larva's Theme ~ Waltz
  14. Shinma Lemures
  15. The End of the Armored Monster
  16. Conclusion
  17. The Mother of Fate
  18. Ending Theme
  19. Vampire Princess Miyu


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