Vampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack
Tokyo Pop: 6-45573-02062-0

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Note: North American version of the Japanese OST for the TV series.

  1. Heart Beat of Shinma
  2. Subtitle
  3. Destined Catharsis
  4. The Devil's Hand
  5. The Flute of the Dark
  6. An Escape
  7. In Peace
  8. Friends
  9. I wanna see you
  10. Smile of ice
  11. The Promise
  12. The melody of the sadness
  13. Sepia Color Romance
  14. Supernatural Power
  15. Inexhaustible Treat
  16. Ripples
  17. The Sword of the Death Crystal
  18. Resoultion
  19. The Shadow of the Evil
  20. The Battle of the Shinma
  21. A Seal
  22. For the Feeling of love…
  23. The Song of a Round Ball
  24. The Sadness For the Lost Love
  25. A Whisper of the Flower Field
  26. A Female Buddhist
  27. A Waltz of a Puppeteer
  28. The Killer Wind Song
  29. In the Time of the Kindness
  30. Suffer
  31. Assassin of the Sky
  32. A Beautiful Battle
  33. The Destiny
  34. Miyu Forever


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