Gundam Wing

Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing is an anime mecha TV series that aired in Japan from 1995 through 1996. A sequel OVA series followed, which was later made into a movie. There were also several manga series (including a prequel), radio dramas, and novels created based on the anime. Gundam Wing is part of the popular Gundam franchise.

I collect guys x girls Gundam Wing doujinshi. However, obtaining them is difficult, not only because Gundam W is old, but also because the fan base is comprised mostly of BL doujinshi. Above all, I adore Zechs Merquise x Lucrezia Noin (also known as 6x9), but as far as I can tell, doujinshi for this couple hardly exists. Therefore, I usually focus on Heero Yuy x Relena Peacecraft doujinshi - although I'm not terribly fond of Relena (except in the OVA series), circles that like the 1xR pairing often like other guy x girl couples, too. I only collect a few main circles.

Besides 6x9, the only pairing that I really like is Chang Wufei x Sally Po. Depending on the context, the other guy x girl couples can be cute and sweet, tolerable, or annoying.

Approximate Total: 50

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