Green Company

Noriko Sato of Green Company has really amazingly beautiful artwork. Even though the style can be weird for certain characters (like Zechs), the art itself is absolutely gorgeous.

Need to Add: "Lady Earth," "Rose Garden"

Title: Relena Wind
Circle: Green Company
Date: August 19, 1995
Size: B5
Pages: 58
Description: A mixture of gags and serious stories. The gags: three pages of Heero and Relena; Relena vs. Lady Une; Lady Une looks down 'there' when Treize is bathing; Relena and Zechs pull guns out on Treize; Catherine tries to cheer up Wufei, Trowa, and Heero; Noin vs. Une; Noin and Zechs; etc. There's also one 12-page serious story about Relena and Heero. The doujinshi has a ton of beautiful side pictures: various drawings of Relena in different dresses; Relena and Heero; Relena and Zechs; Duo; Noin and Relena in the Sanq Kingdom uniforms; several pages of Relena in her ending animation outfits; Wufei and Sally; Catherine and Trowa; Zechs and Noin; and the OZ officers.

Title: Peacecraft no Bara
Circle: Green Company
Date: November 12, 1995
Size: B5
Pages: 34
Description: Another gag doujinshi with emphasis on Relena, Noin, and Lady Une. Mostly gags: three gags with Noin and Relena; one 3-page gag with Relena, Lady Une, and Noin, with Zechs and Heero showing up; Dorothy and Relena; Treize and Une; Une's split personalities. There's also one 3-page serious story with Noin and Relena. Side pictures: Noin embracing Relena, Noin standing with Relena, Treize and Une, Relena as a bride with Heero in a tuxedo, an embarrassed Noin in a tux, and Zechs; Relena as an angel; Sally and Wufei; Trowa sleeping in Catherine's lap; Relena in her Sanq Kingdom uniform; Relena holding the Earth; Lady Une's dual personalities; Heero and Relena; and sketches of Noin, Relena, and Heero.

Title: My Sweet Angel
Circle: Green Company
Date: March 31, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 28
Description: This is a short gag doujinshi that focuses on Zechs and Relena. They're mostly gags about Zechs' sister complex for Relena, one gag with Heero vs. Zechs, and one gag with Noin and Quatre, and some Zechs and Dorothy gags. Side pictures include: Zechs, Relena in her Sanq Kingdom outfit, Relena as an angel, angel Relena holding Zechs, Zechs holding Relena, Zechs hugging Relena, Heero and Relena, Treize and Une (really beautiful), Relena as Lina Inverse and Zechs as Gourry from Slayers, young Milliardo with little Relena, and Dorothy and Relena.

Title: Romantic Kingdom
Circle: Green Company
Date: June 9, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 46
Description: Mixture of gags and serious stories. The gags: Relena tears up Heero's bear instead of his card; Heero sings to Relena; Dorothy versus Quatre; Zechs becomes infuriated with Heero's closeness to Relena; and Zechs in disguise watches over Relena to satisfy his sister complex (first to Relena's annoyance, then to Noin's). The first serious story involves Relena and Dorothy, and the second story focuses on Heero and Relena. There are several gorgeous side pictures of Heero and Relena, Relena, and Une and Dorothy in mourning.

Title: Princess
Circle: Green Company
Date: August 3, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 24
Description: There are two short gags (one with Heero and Relena, the other with Dorothy, Relena, and Zechs), and one 12-page serious story. In the longer story, Heero discovers that Relena has cut her hair; he's upset, but she wants to grow it out for when she gets married. There are a few side pictures - Relena, in her Sanq Kingdom uniform, holding flowers; Heero and Relena in semi-formal clothes; the two of them in front of a teddy bear; Relena in a slip; and the Gundam boys, Noin, Sally, and Une on the Peacemillion.

Title: Relena Wing
Circle: Green Company
Date: November 17, 1996
Size: A5
Pages: 98
Description: "Relena Wing" is a remix of three previous doujinshi: "My Sweet Angel," "Peacecraft no Bara," and "Relena Wind." Contains two colored inserts which are the cover and Back cover of "My Sweet Angel."

Title: When you wish upon a star...
Circle: Green Company
Date: December 28, 1996
Size: B5
Pages: 74
Description: A few gags and two long, serious stories. There's a five-page gag with Relena, Noin, Zechs, and Zechs' sister complex; a seven-page gag about Heero asking the Gundam pilots and Noin for advice on a birthday present for Relena; and a two-page gag with Heero and Relena. The doujinshi has a 23-page serious story focusing on Zechs reflecting on his life and Relena; the other is an 11-page story about Heero and Relena. The side pictures are really gorgeous: a beautiful picture of Relena in a Christmas setting; all the Gundam girls in fashionable winter wear (2 pages); Zechs and Relena; all girls (except for Hilde) in swimsuits on two pages; Relena in a swimsuit; Heero and a sleeping Relena under a Christmas tree; Relena and Dorothy drinking tea; Relena praying; and Zechs and Relena in Sanq Kingdom uniforms.

Title: Charisma
Circle: Green Company
Date: August 16, 1997
Size: B5
Pages: 26
Description: Stories take place during Endless Waltz. There are two one-page gags, one with Relena and Mariemeia, the other with Zechs and Noin. One three-page story focuses on Lady Une's reflections on Treize after Zechs has reappeared, then later when she's with Mariemeia at Treize's grave. A longer, eight-page story involves Wufei and Heero discussing Relena. There are a few side pictures of Relena and Mariemeia and one picture of Relena.

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