Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney / Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) is a Capcom video game series originally made for the Gameboy Advance and then ported to the Nintendo DS. The series - along with several spin-off series - continued on the DS and the 3DS. Many of the games have also been ported to mobile devices and the Wii. In the original games, you play Phoenix Wright (Naruhodou Ryuuichi), a young new attorney who must defend his clients from murder charges by finding clues, speaking to witnesses, and arguing in the courtroom. The series is actually very humorous and crack-tastic, so it's gained a lot of popularity.

My Phoenix Wright pairing of choice is Miles Edgeworth x Franziska von Karma (Mitsurugi Reiji x Karuma Mei). There's not much doujinshi about the two of them, unfortunately. Some of my dojin also have Phoenix Wright x Maya Fey (Naruhodou Ryuuichi x Ayasato Mayoi), a pairing to which I'm wholly indifferent. I also like Diego Armando x Mia Fey (Kaminogi Souryuu x Ayasato Chihiro) and Athena Cykes x Simon Blackquill (Kizuki Kokone x Yuugami Jin), but not enough to actively seek doujinshi for either pairing.

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