Other Circles

These are other circles that have done Hellsing doujinshi. I only own one of each of their books, so they've been grouped together for my convenience.

Children of the Night - Front Cover Children of the Night - Back Cover
Title: Children of the Night
Circle: Cameratalk
Date: May 6, 2001
Size: A5
Pages: 18
Description: Two short stories with Arucard and young Integra. Also, there are side pictures of young Integra, Arucard, Yan, Seras and Integra, and Anderson.

Daughter's Library - Front Cover Daughter's Library - Back Cover
Title: Daughter's Library
Circle: TienLung
Date: August 11, 2000
Size: B5
Description: Mostly gags with emphasis on Integra and Seras; also two semi-serious stories about the two of them. There are a lot of pretty side pictures of many of the characters. Not for sale or trade.

Hydrophobia - Front Cover Hydrophobia - Back Cover
Title: Hydrophobia
Circle: ??
Date: ??
Size: B5
Pages: 40
Description: Mostly gag stories by different artists. The book has all characters: Hellsing, Millennium, and Iscariot. There's one serious story with Arucard and Walter talking about Seras and a long, weird, gag in which Hellsing is a bar. There're some nice stand-alone pictures of young Walter, Arucard and young Walter, Pip, and Yan Valentine.

Joker - Front Cover Joker - Back Cover
Title: Joker
Circle: ??
Date: December 29, 2000
Size: A5
Pages: 18
Description: This has one serious story about Seras. Also one gag with Pip and Arucard. Very cute artwork. Not for sale or trade.

Queen's State Religion Knights - Front Cover Queen's State Religion Knights - Back Cover
Title: Queen's State Religion Knights
Circle: Mangetsu Day
Date: August 20, 2000
Size: B5
Pages: about 22
Description: A few gag stories with Integra, Seras, Arucard, and Walter. The last story is Arucard x Integra. The artwork is a little odd since the eyes are drawn unusually long and thin. I like the style a lot though, and there are several very pretty Integra drawings. There're also other pictures: Arucard, Arucard sitting with Integra, Walter and Seras, and Arucard holding young Integra. Not for sale or trade.

A Ruler's Daughter - Front Cover A Ruler's Daughter - Back Cover
Title: A Ruler's Daughter
Circle: Cider Sticks
Date: August 9, 2002
Size: B5
Pages: 60
Description: An absolutely gorgeous, slightly surreal, serious doujinshi about young Integra; with white-haired, newly awakened Arucard. Somewhat AxI. There are two stand alone pictures, one of young Integra with Arucard-dog, the other of an embarrassed adult Integra being held by Arucard <3 I love the artwork, it's so beautiful~ Not for sale or trade.

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