Kurione Sha

YU-RI of Kurione Sha (くりおね館) does hard hentai (NC-17) doujinshi for Bleach, One Piece, and a few other series. Her Bleach books usually focus on Matsumoto Rangiku. YU-RI's favorite pairing is Hitsugaya Toushirou x Rangiku, but she also does some other characters x Rangiku. Her second most common Bleach pairing is Kurosaki Ichigo x Kuchiki Rukia. YU-RI's doujinshi are pure hentai, though they're also usually humorous. While her Rangiku books are more hardcore than her Ichigo x Rukia books, the IxR books are definitely more hard hentai than romantic smut.

Title: プチハニィ (Puchi Hanii)
English Title: Petit Honey
Date: December 29, 2005
Size: B5
Pages: 24
Description: Ichigo x Rukia, Chappy x Ichigo. Rukia comes back from fighting hollows to see Chappy taking advantage of a sick Ichigo. Upset that Ichigo didn't resist, Rukia tries to show him that she's better than the temporary soul.

Title: 黒崎家の死神 (Kurosaki ke no Shinigami)
Date: December 30, 2006
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Description: Ichigo x Rukia, Abarai Renji x Rukia, Ichigo x Rukia x Renji. Renji learns about Ichigo and Rukia's relationship when he catches them having sex; he's depressed until Rangiku tricks him into proving to Rukia his superior manhood over Ichigo.

Title: ベリー★ストロベリー (Very/Berry Strawberry)
Date: August 18, 2007
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Description: Ichigo x Rukia, Grimmjow x Orihime. In the main story, Chappy plays an uncomfortable prank on Rukia, and Rukia asks Ichigo to help her out by any means necessary; Ichigo takes her up on that free-for-all pass. The second, much shorter story is about Grimmjow x Orihime in Hueco Mundo; Orihime thinks of Ichigo, and Grimmjow offers to take Ichigo's place.

Title: ラブ フレーバー (Love Flavor)
Date: May 4, 2008
Size: B5
Pages: 32
Description: Mostly Hitsugaya x Matsumoto but with some Ichigo x Rukia. Incense that affects the libido of only shinigami causes problems, first for Rukia (who needs Ichigo to help her out) and then Toushirou, who becomes concerned about the incense's potential effect on Rangiku.

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