These are anime and manga images of Integra. Some of the images come from Newtype magazines, the anime DVDs, the Raid and Ruins OSTs, and the manga or Young King Ours. Please see the usage policy for information on using these scans.

Newtype Scans
Integra and Seras (September 2001) Arucard with a gun (part 1 - Dec 2001) Integra with the gun at her forehead (part 2 - Dec 2001) Integral character sketches and design (December 2001) Integra and Arucard (January 2002)

CD Images
Integral from the Raid CD booklet The cover of the Ruins CD Integra from inside the Ruins CD

Other Anime Images
Image from the Rescript V DVD Image from the Ultimate II DVD

Manga Scans
Integra from the back cover of tankubon 1 Arucard and Integra on the cover of tankubon 3 Integra in blue (YKO June 2000) Arucard and Integra (YKO December 2000)