About the Site

Site Background
This shrine was created because I absolutely love Integra. She's one of my favorite anime/manga characters, and frankly, I'm a bit obsessed with her. She embodies every attribute that I love in fictional characters, so it's natural that I had to make a shrine to her.

The site was established April 20, 2002 as part of the former hellsing.nu. It is the only surviving site (as far as I know) from the original set of shrines.

The name Intensity comes from my lack of creativity. I'm horrible at naming things, so I decided to use a character trait for the shrine title. I feel that "intense" is an adjective that best describes Integra, simply because it is her.

Current Layout
Intensity is currently in version 2.0. It was created with Paintshop Pro 9.0 and Editpad, and it is XHTML Transitional compliant. The layout features an image of Integra from the cover of the second Hellsing Ultimate OVA DVD. The main font is Old English. There's also a texture from Tre-xture in there somewhere.

Many of the screenshots and other scans come from other members of the former Hellsing.nu. All other resources are credited on the same pages as the information used from those resources appear.

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