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What I want is a big fwumpy pillow.. Party Hour! One Slipper Tarepanda Tarepanda and odango Tarepanda reading a Magazine Tarepanda in a Jar Tarepanda in an innertube Tarepanda and a fruit Go Team Gone fishing. Tarepanda in a dress? Tarepanda Masters the Art of the Spinning Dish Another Tea Cup? Tarepanda with Candy Tarepanda eating Cake Tarepanda with a Bowtie Tarepanda with a Banana Off to School Back to Back Santa Tarepanda Tarepanda Takes on the WWF Tarepanda Playing Video Games Bringing home the gold! Check out those bikini briefs A Perfect Score! Sunbathing with those cute lil shades Tarepanda on a soccerball Tarepanda with eyelashes Tarepanda in a school uni Fwumpy pillow X2