Toku Lin Profile

Misumi Seilin is the oldest of three sisters. "Misumi" means "beautiful formation," while "Seilin" means "holy bell." A university student, Seilin is in charge of Kalin and Julin, her younger sisters (both high school students), while their parents are out of the country.

Seilin looks exactly the same as she did in LIN3, except for the color of her tied strand of hair, which is orange in this series. Since Seilin attends university, she has no school uniform, and she wears different outfits everyday.

In terms of her personality, Seilin is pretty much the same as her LIN3 incarnation - she is often quite blunt and rude, headstrong, and tempermental. Physically, she is still the strongest of the sisters, but as Toku Lin takes place in modern-day Japan and she initially does not have her bell, she lacks some skills from her previous life, such as the ability to fly. Seilin trains with her sisters under Master Ryu at Kenga Hall.

In the original Japanese manga, Kalin calls Seilin "Seilin-nee-sama", while Julin calls her "Sei-nee-chan." The English adaptation has them calling her "Seilin-sama" or just "Seilin."


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