Strength opened in May 2007. Although I am not a huge fan of the manga series (it's kind of awful, and I don't like Julin much), I absolutely adore Seilin. I fell in love with her from the start - she's strong, gorgeous, and independent. I admire her character and the tragedies she's had to overcome. Even though she is frequently bitchy, rude, and headstrong, she nevertheless cares about the people who are important to her. Plus, she's a pirate queen, which should be reason enough to love her.

The title of the site comes from the obvious fact that Seilin is incredibly strong, both physically and mentally. She was told to become strong by her father, and she then had to achieve that goal in order to survive on the pirate ship. Most of the characters acknowlege her physical strength, but she has built up admirable mental strength as well, having to endure personal hardships with the departure of her father, the death of her mother, and her life as a pirate.

Version one of the shrine features an image of Seilin from the Fuun San Shimai LIN3 manga. The layout was designed in Paint Shop Pro 9 and is XHTML Transitional compliant. Textures come from and Tre-xture, and the featured font is Cezanne.

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