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Shark (Shaayuu) is the most important person in Seilin's life. They grew up together and trained together, and they were very close during their childhood. As a testament to Shark's loyalty to Seilin, when they were still young, he cut out his own right eye and offered it to the pirate captain, in place of Seilin's eye. Although Seilin and Shark were rather open with each other when they were younger, they seem to treat each other more distantly in the present, probably a result of Seilin becoming the new pirate captain. Their relationship, it seems, has become more subtle, so that they tend to rely on brief glances and looks more than words or overt actions.

When Seilin was first brought aboard, Shark was given the task of taking care of Seilin. Shark takes on a protective role towards her. As Seilin grew older, Shark recognized that her beauty would create problems, and he trained her even harder so that she could defend herself without thinking. By the age of fifteen, Shark believed Seilin to be even stronger than him. He gave her a swordfish as a present, offering her an opportunity to escape the pirate ship. Seilin, however, refused, out of loyalty and/or guilt to Shark, stating that she would never leave as long as he was there. Although Seilin specifically recalled the incident in which Shark cut out his eye, she may have been motivated by other feelings, as well. When Seilin was attacked by the pirate captain, she called for Shark, indicating her reliance upon him, but she instinctively saved herself. Shark wanted to protect her while she escaped, but instead Seilin challenged the pirate crew for ownership of the pirate vessel; Shark, seemingly surprised by her decision, nevertheless fought alongside her.

Even though Seilin is now extremely strong, Shark still protects her, albeit mostly from herself, rather than from external factors. Shark recognizes her tendency to make impulsive decisions, which she may regret if carried through, as when he prevents her from killing Julin and when he tries to prevent her from fighting Drake. Often, all Shark needs to do is say "Sei", and Seilin comes to her senses. Otherwise, he remains silent in the shadows, allowing Seilin to decide things on her own. However, Seilin still seems to look at him for his reaction, as if judging whether he agrees or not with her choices. All of this, of course, is not to say that he won't protect her physically when she needs that either, as when he protects her from Kuichi.

Although not explicitly stated, it's very strongly hinted that Shark and Seilin are romantically involved, or at least have romantic feelings for each other. Shark's necklace, which he gives to Seilin before she leaves to retrieve her bell, serves as a symbol of their relationship.


Ryu (Ryuu) is Seilin's father, as well as the father of her sisters. He is the one who initially taught Seilin how to fight. Seilin harbors a lifelong grudge against him for abandoning his family, an act that led indirectly to the death of Seilin's mother. Seilin long thought Ryu to be dead, but upon learning that he is alive, she intends to find him and kill him.

Ryu was unmatched in his skill and power as a fighter. It was his strength that led Seilin's mother to choose him to be the father of her child. However, he craved even more power, and so he left Seilin and her mother in order to become stronger. On his travels, he met Kalin's mother. Seeing her bell, Ryu said that he, too, once had a bell, and an image of Seilin appeared in his mind (the "lin" in Seilin meaning "bell"). It appears that even after he left Seilin behind, he still cared for her, though he clearly did not like being reminded about abandoning her. Sometime later, Ryu left Kalin's mother and met Julin's mother, whom he later also parted from.

Eventually, Seilin and her sisters learn that Bai Wang is actually Ryu. Although Bai Wang claims she is Ryu no more, a part of her - her heart - is still Ryu's. Ryu, seeing the spirit of his daughters' mothers in Seilin, Julin, and Kalin, manages to gain control over Bai Wang's body for a short period of time; during this time, he gives his daughters one last fighting lesson, so that they may have the power to defeat Bai Wang. Seilin apparently comes to terms with her father, and she finally acknowledges her sisters so that they can destroy Bai Wang.

Seilin's Mother

Seilin loved her mother very much. Seilin's mother was gentle and frail, but out of dedication and love to Seilin, she accompanied Seilin on a trip in search of Ryu. While on their journey, they were captured by pirates, and Seilin's mother was forced to be the mistress of the pirate captain. Apparently, Seilin did not see very much of her mother after that - whether this was due to her mother's illness, the pirate captain's orders, or some combination of the two is unclear. On her deathbed, Seilin's mother gave Seilin her bell and told her that she loved her. Seilin did not take her mother's death well - as the body of her mother was put to sea, Seilin destroyed part of the ship in anger. Seilin blamed Ryu for her mother's death.

Seilin eventually learns that her mother possessed a key in the shape of a bell; knowing she had to protect this bell, Seilin's mother was determined to pass it onto a child before she died. She thus sought out the strongest man she could find, who ended up being Ryu. Although Seilin's mother had a child out of necessity, it is obvious that she also genuinely loved Seilin.

Julin and Kalin

Seilin is initially indifferent towards Julin and Kalin. She doesn't believe that they are her sisters, and she says she will only acknowledge them if they beat her in a fight. They are unsuccessful, due to their reluntance in fighting and because of their lesser strength; Seilin, for her part, seems intent on killing them if she can. However, even after all three sisters' bells are stolen, Seilin ignores her younger siblings and goes off on her own. Although Julin and Kalin are frustrated with their older sister's refusal to speak with them, they still seem to admire her strength, and they believe that she is actually a good person. Kalin even begins to understand why Seilin hates their father so much.

Julin and Kalin refuse to give up on their sister. Eventually, Seilin seems to warm up a bit to the younger girls, especially to Kalin, whom Seilin realizes is gentle and kind. On the other hand, she has a more turbulent relationship with Julin. Though Seilin consoles Julin when the girl is upset at Kojulin's injuries, Seilin still mocks Julin, fights with her, and calls her a "pig" for eating so much. Overall, she treats Julin more roughly than she does Kalin. At the end of the series, however, she finally acknowledges Julin and Kalin as her sisters.

White Lotus Clan (Hyakurento)

The White Lotus Clan (Hyakurento) are led by Bai Wang (Pai Wan), the White Queen. Besides Bai Wang, there are the Four Kings (Shitenoh, literally "four sky kings") and Igna. The Four Kings are Kuichi, Nini, Sanji, and Shino - their names are puns, with "ichi" sounding like the number one; both "ni"s in Nini standing for two; "san" meaning three; and "shi" meaning four.

Bai Wang (is the leader of the White Lotus Clan. She desires the power to take over the world, a power directly tied to three bells. She is beautiful but ruthless, arrogant, and inhumanly powerful. She has the power to create wind waves and to make her entire body stone at will.

Eventually, Seilin and her sisters discover that Bai Wang is actually their father, Ryu. Ryu, hungry for immortality, went into the mountains. He engrossed himself in the arts of alchemy and created a potion to give himself eternal life. Abandoning who he had been, after 100 days of hell, he emerged as a woman, Bai Wang. Although Bai Wang retains memories of her life as Ryu, these memories appear to be somewhat vague. Bai Wang considers herself a separate entity from Ryu. However, Ryu has not completely disappeared - for example, when Bai Wang listens to Seilin's story of her past, a tear makes its way down Bai Wang's face. Additionally, Ryu still has memories of Seilin and the mothers of his daughters, and he manages to gain control of Bai Wang's body for a short time so that he may teach his daughters how to defeat Bai Wang.


Kuichi is one of the White Lotus Clan's Four Kings and is Seilin's main adversary. Impressed by her beauty and her fighting skills, Kuichi repeatedly hits on her during their fight - both physically and verbally. Kuichi comes to the conclusion that Seilin is already spoken for, but he nevertheless wonders why "all women can't be like [her]." Seilin is at first confused, then annoyed and disgusted by Kuichi's interest in her.

Kuichi manages to outpower her during their battle, but Shark comes to her rescue. Kuichi correctly guesses Shark to be the man that Seilin has chosen. To Kuichi's irritation, Shark and Seilin have a "moment" in front of him. Shark then takes Seilin's place; during this new fight, Kuichi says that he can see why Seilin went for Shark. Later, he says that Seilin likes men like them, a comment which Shark refutes (presumably both as to Kuichi being like Shark, and Seilin liking someone like Kuichi).

Towards the end of the series, Kuichi receives increased power from Bai Wang and attacks Seilin again, this time with Shino's help. Although on the defensive for the beginning of the battle, after gaining her own burst of power, Seilin manages to overcome both Kuichi and Shino.


While Kuichi is attracted to Seilin, Shino is repulsed. The feeling is mutual - Seilin doesn't like Shino's flamboyant, drag-queen personality, and Shino doesn't think much of low-class "hussies" like Seilin. Although Julin wants to take Shino on, Seilin says she'll handle Shino instead. Shino has the upper-hand for most of the battle, since Seilin is still weakened from her earlier battle with Kuichi. However, Seilin is healed by the ki from Li Feng Peak, and with her restored strength, she shows Shino her true power. Shino is stunned by Seilin's speed and doesn't understand the sudden difference in Seilin's performance. Later, Bai Wang gives the Four Kings increased power, and Shino once again faces off against Seilin, this time with Kuichi.


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