LIN3 History

Early on in her life, Seilin lived in the mountains with her mother and her father. As soon as she learned to walk, her father, Ryu (Ryuu), began training her in the martial arts. Seilin remembered him telling her to "grow strong." When Seilin was four, her father abruptly left. Seilin's mother said that he was going to train but would probably never return. Seilin did not understand why Ryu had left and ran away to find him. Seilin's mother soon found Seilin. Despite Seilin's mother's frail health, she and Seilin went in search of Ryu. However, while on their journey, they were captured by pirates. As Seilin's mother was beautiful, the pirate captain decided to keep her for himself. Seilin tried to protect her mother but, being a child, was unsuccessful.

Seilin lived the rest of her childhood on the pirate ship. She apparently rarely saw her mother. The pirates told her that if she wanted to be a pirate, too, she would have to become strong. Seilin was placed under the supervision of Shark (Shaayuu), a boy not much older than her, and was ordered to work on the ship. Shark said that on this ship, the weak died, even if they were children. He watched out for her and helped train her, and the two became good friends. With his help, Seilin's fighting skills vastly improved over the years.

When Seilin was still young, she broke one of the pirate captain's prized possessions. She refused to apologize, despite her mother's pleadings. The pirate captain decided to take one of Seilin's eyes as payment, but before he could act on his decision, Shark stopped him. Shark, saying that Seilin was his responsibility, stabbed out his own right eye and offered it to the pirate captain as an apology.

When Seilin was ten, her mother died. (The English adaptation incorrectly states Seilin was fourteen.) On her deathbed, Seilin's mother gave her an old bell, which Seilin now wears tied around her waist. Seilin blamed her father for her mother's death. At the time, the other pirates wanted to get rid of Seilin, now that her mother was dead, but the pirate captain speculatively eyed Seilin and decided to keep her. Shark, noticing this, told Seilin that she looked too much like her mother and that the captain would notice. Shark said that the only one who could protect Seilin was Seilin herself, and so she needed to become stronger. Shark helped train her so that she would instinctively "fight with her body," not with her mind.

On Seilin's fifteenth birthday, Shark gave her a live swordfish as a present. Although Seilin thought the swordfish was a pet, Shark actually wanted Seilin to use it to escape. Now that Seilin was even stronger than him, Shark said that no one could keep her on the ship anymore. However, Seilin refused to leave as long as Shark was there.

Sometime later, the pirate captain tried to rape Seilin while she was bathing. As Shark had feared, once Seilin had become older, she had attracted the captain's attention. Angered by Seilin's resistance, the captain attempted to kill her, but thanks to Shark's training, she instinctively defended herself and killed the pirate captain instead. Now that the captain was dead, she claimed ownership of the pirate ship; together with Shark, she defeated all of the pirates who challenged her claim. After that day, she became the owner of the vessel and the acknowledged leader of the pirates.


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