Fuun San Shimai LIN3 is a Japanese manga (comic) series by Kakinouchi Narumi and Hirano Toshiki, a married couple who are best known for creating the anime and manga series Kyuuketsuki Miyu (Vampire Miyu or Vampire Princess Miyu). LIN3 is a spin-off of their manga series Kakuto Komusume Juline. LIN3 is five volumes long; the first volume was published in Japan in January 2000 and the final was published in November 2001. Kodansha, the Japanese publisher of the series, translated the manga's title as The Kung Fu Sisters LIN3. In the United States, the manga was released by Tokyo Pop under the title Shaolin Sisters.

The series follows Julin, an orphaned Chinese girl who has been trained in the martial arts. On her fifteenth birthday, Julin's master gives her an old bell. That same day, the White Lotus Clan, led by Bai Wang (Pai Wan), the White Queen, attacks Julin's home and murders Julin's master. Before he dies, Julin's master tells Julin that her father is still alive. Moreover, he tells Julin that she has two older sisters, both of whom have bells similar to Julin's. Julin thus goes in search of her sisters and her father, not knowing that the secret power of the three bells is what Bai Wang seeks.

Shin Fuun San Shimai Toku Lin, translated as New Kung Fu Sisters Toku Lin by Kodansha but released in the United States as Shaolin Sisters: Reborn, is the sequel to LIN3. This series is four volumes long, with the first volume published in Japan in May 2002 and the last published in November 2003. After the events of LIN3, Julin and her sisters are reincarnated in modern-day Japan, with no memory of their past lives. However, both their allies and enemies are also reincarnated, and it is the members of the White Lotus Clan who awaken first, intent on reviving Bai Wang.

The two series are actually seinen (for older teenage male to adult male readers), and they were serialized in the seinen publication Magazine Z. Despite the emphasis on martial arts fighting, the series have extremely strong shoujo elements, such as young female main characters, cute animal mascots, and love interests for all the sisters.


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