This is the Anime Fanlistings Network and the Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for Pachirisu, an electric-type squirrel Pokemon from the Pokemon anime and video games, specifically the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl series.

Pachirisu is #417 in the national index. In the video games, males and females are equally common. Their average height is 1'04" tall, and their average weight is 8.6 lbs. Pachirisu do not evolve into and are not evolved from any other Pokemon.

In 2014, Se Jun Park famously won the Finals of the Pokemon World Championships Video Game MAsters Division using a Pachirisu. Click here for a video of the final battle.

In the anime series, Pachirisu is Hikari's (Dawn's) third Pokemon and her second captured Pokemon. It is extremely energetic and playful, and - much like Hikari and the rest of Hikari's Pokemon - Pachirisu seems to be on a perpetual sugar rush. It does not like conflict, it often acts impulsively without thinking, and it overall is probably the most immature of Hikari's Pokemon. Even though Hikari initially does not believe she is ready to handle Pachirisu, Pachirisu actually likes Hikari very much.

However, in contrast to its normally spastic behavior, Pachirisu seems quite shy during its first Pokemon Contest, and it needs encouragement from Hikari before performing. So far, Hikari has used Pachirisu twice as her first Pokemon in the Pokemon contests. Both times, Pachirisu made some big mistakes but nevertheless did well enough to get Hikari to the second round. Pachirisu in general seems to have some problems controlling its power, or at least focusing it at the right target.

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