Affinity: Relationships with Others
This looks into Haruka and Michiru's relationships with characters other than Setsuna and Hotaru, which can be found in a different section.

Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Haruka: In the anime, Haruka thinks of Usagi as a sweet, naive girl, for whom she has protective feelings. She generally treats Usagi nicely, occasionally teasing and flirting with her. Her nicknames for Usagi are "odango atama," used mostly in Sailor Moon S, and "koneko-chan" ("kitten"), which is used mostly in SailorStars (but originated in Sailor Moon S). Although throughout most of Sailor Moon S, Sailor Uranus is hostile to Sailor Moon, by the season's end, she accepts Sailor Moon as her princess and as the Messiah. With this acceptance, her feelings of love and loyalty to Usagi are strengthened; she can still come off as callous, but this is mostly out of protectiveness for Usagi. Usagi, for her part, sees Haruka as a mature, cool adult, who eventually becomes an "important person" to her.

For the manga, see this article for a longer analysis.

Michiru: In the anime, Usagi quickly idolizes Michiru for being Usagi's ideal "princess." Usagi asks Michiru to call her just "Usagi" without honorifics, which Michiru does for the rest of the series. Michiru treats Usagi kindly; like Haruka, Michiru thinks of Usagi as a sweet, pure-hearted girl. Usagi looks up to Michiru as a cool, mature adult. In Sailor Moon S, Sailor Neptune is at ends to Sailor Moon (though she thanks Sailor Moon for saving her early on), but at the end of the season, she accepts Sailor Moon as her princess and Messiah. After that, her duty becomes to protect Sailor Moon. Their relationship is not really developed in the anime, but it is clear that they both care for each other. Michiru, like the other Sailor Senshi, is an "important person" to Usagi.

In the manga, Usagi is initially jealous of Michiru because of her interactions with Mamoru. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are also at first hostile to Sailor Moon and the others; however, after Sailor Pluto appears, Neptune and Uranus apologize to Sailor Moon for their rudeness, although they don't agree to work with the Sailor Senshi just yet. Neptune is, however, aware of Sailor Moon's gentle heart, as she worries about Sailor Moon learning what most be done to save the world. Although Michiru and Usagi's relationship is not very well developed in the manga, it is quite clear that everyone in the manga loves Usagi enormously, and Michiru is no exception.

Mizuno Ami (Sailor Mercury)
Haruka: The few instances in which Haruka genuinely interacts with Ami seem to involve Ami proving herself to Haruka, i.e., against Viluy in Sailor Moon S and against the mirror paredory in SailorStars. Haruka gains respect for Ami after both of these instances. In the manga, the two do not really interact.

Michiru: In the anime, Michiru senses a water-kinship in Ami. In that same episode, though she unintentionally hurts Ami's feelings, her competitive spirit helps Ami realize that she should always try her hardest. In the episode with Viluy, Michiru gains respect for Ami's methods after Mercury saves Haruka and Michiru. In the manga, Ami and Michiru do not really interact.

Haruka and Michiru generally think of Ami as part of the collective Sailor Team - another one of the younger, cute girls. Ami, for her part, probably sees Haruka and Michiru like her friends do - as adult girls to whom she looks up. It is worth noting that in the anime, Ami is the one who seems to first realize that Haruka and Michiru may be lovers.

Hino Rei (Sailor Mars)
Haruka: Haruka flirts a little bit with Rei, probably finding Rei to be cute, and Rei sees Haruka as a cool adult. Aside from one episode in which Yuuichirou mistakes Haruka for Rei's boyfriend, there isn't that much interaction between them individually. In the manga, the two do not really interact either.

Michiru: Rei seems to admire Michiru a lot in the anime, commenting a few times on how nice Michiru looks. In SailorStars, the two face off together against a Mirror Paredory. They initially have different ideas on which direction to go - Mars defers to Neptune. Later, Mars is unnerved by how strong Neptune's intuition is, as Neptune immediately sees through an illusion that Mars thinks is real; Mars doesn't believe that she can possibly compare to Neptune. However, after the Mirror Paredory is defeated, Neptune says that Mars has great intuition, too.

In the manga, although the two do not really interact, when Rei is trapped by the Dead Moon Circus, she thinks of Michiru, giving her advice. Michiru seems to be the Outer Senshi that Rei admires the most and is the most like. Later, Rei borrows Michiru's Submarine Mirror from Chibi-usa, hoping that it will give the Sailor Team a clue about the enemy.

Kino Makoto (Sailor Jupiter)
Haruka: In the anime, Makoto admires Haruka's coolness. To Makoto, Haruka is her ideal woman. The Sailor Team mistakens Makoto's interest in Haruka as being romantic, but Makoto is instead interested in being a wonderful woman like Haruka. Although Haruka's interest in Makoto is mostly because Makoto has been targeted by the enemy, she does seem to care for Makoto as a friend and is genuinely concerned and sorry when she almost runs Makoto over. Sailor Jupiter, however, is most vocal in her dislike for Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

In the manga, when Makoto is trapped by the Dead Moon Circus, she thinks of Haruka giving her advice. Makoto obviously greatly admires Haruka and looks up to her.

Michiru: Makoto and Michiru don't really interact in either the anime or the manga.

Aino Minako (Sailor Venus)
Haruka: Anime Minako crushes on Haruka before she knows Haruka is a girl. Afterwards, she still greatly admires Haruka, asking Haruka for advice on several occasions. Haruka seems to be fond of Minako as well. As a side note, Minako is the only one in Sailor Moon S who can make Haruka and Michiru sweatdrop. In the manga, although Minako and Haruka aren't particularly close, they are both the leaders of their teams, and that parallel is made evident throughout the series.

Michiru: In the anime, Minako admires Michiru, though they do not personally interact that much. In episode 109, Michiru says that she wanted to "save those girls" (Usagi and Minako) when she decided to transform into Sailor Neptune in front of the enemy. In the manga, the two do not individually interact much either.

Chibi-usa (Sailor Chibimoon)
Anime: Haruka and Michiru think Chibi-usa is cute, and they nickname her "Chibi-chan." Chibi-usa admires Haruka and Michiru, saying that they are beautiful together, just like her parents. Although on one occasion, Uranus finds Chibimoon to be a pain, in another episode, she admires the way Chibimoon puts up a fight.

Manga: Haruka and Michiru are both fond of Chibi-usa, whom they call "Chibi-usagi-chan." She likes them, too, and thinks they are good people. At the end of the Infinity arc, Neptune tells Chibimoon that she likes her very much, and she gives Chibimoon her Submarine Mirror as a promise that the Outer Senshi will one day return. Chibi-usa is shown in the Dream arc using the mirror.

Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen)
Haruka: In the anime, Haruka and Mamoru rarely interact. When Haruka sees Mamoru for the first time, she comments to Michiru that he's a cool-looking guy. The only genuine interaction that occurs between them is as Sailor Uranus and Tuxedo Kamen in Sailor Moon S. There is some tension between them, first because of Uranus and Neptune's search for the Talismans, and then later, when Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto say they can't work with the other Sailor Senshi because this is their mission. However, Mamoru seems to have an understanding of the Outer Senshi, which is likely why they approached him alone. Mamoru refers to Haruka as "Haruka-kun."

In the manga, Mamoru is initially jealous of Haruka because of Haruka's interactions with Usagi. Afterwards, however, they don't really interact in the series, and there doesn't seem to be any lingering hostility between them. Sailor Uranus, however, protects the Prince as she protects the Princess.

Michiru: Michiru and Mamoru don't really interact much in the anime. In one episode, she and Mamoru share a dance, in which they discuss different outlooks on the world. There seems to be a mutual respect between them. Like Uranus, there is some tension between Sailor Neptune and Tuxedo Kamen in Sailor Moon S. Mamoru calls Michiru "Michiru-kun."

In the manga, there may be a slight flirtation between Michiru and Mamoru, although this is, of course, debatable. Their interactions cause jealousy from Haruka and Usagi. Afterwards, there is not much interaction between Michiru and Mamoru, but part of Sailor Neptune's mission is to protect the Prince.

Seiya Kou (Sailor Star Fighter)
Haruka: In the anime, Haruka and Seiya have a strong rivalry. Haruka doesn't like finding Seiya in Michiru's dressing room, and she doesn't like Seiya "preying" on Usagi. The two are very hostile to each other, and Haruka makes her intense dislike of Seiya known. At the end of the season, Sailor Uranus seems to accept Sailor Star Fighter; she knows that Star Fighter just wants to protect Sailor Moon, and as Uranus dies, she leaves Starfighter to do that.

In the manga, after Haruka and Michiru's joint concert with the Three Lights, Haruka shakes Seiya's hand and senses something from Seiya. Later, when Seiya transfers to Juuban High School, Haruka is jealous of Seiya's popularity. They do not interact much after that, however.

Michiru: In the anime, during their joint concert, Michiru senses a strong wave from Seiya. Seiya senses the shine of a star from Michiru. They both wonder who the other is. Later, Seiya enters Michiru's dressing room, and the two flirt for a bit before they are interrupted by Haruka. After that encounter, however, which is positive for both of them, they do not interact much. As part of the Outer Senshi, Sailor Neptune does not trust and is hostile to the Starlights. In the manga, the two do not interact individually.

Yaten Kou (Sailor Star Healer)
Haruka: Haruka doesn't interact much with Yaten in either series. In the manga, Yaten and Taiki warn Haruka and Michiru of the impending danger. In the anime, the Outer Senshi face off against Star Healer and Star Maker, although Yaten and Taiki agree that Seiya's interest in Usagi is a nuisance. Later, Yaten and Taiki tell Haruka and Michiru that they won't be able to save this planet; Haruka, however, says that they have something to protect, referring to Usagi.

Yaten: In their first manga meeting, Yaten praises Michiru's work, saying that she has all of her CDs and videos. Michiru's second manga interaction with Yaten, however, is decidedly negative. Yaten insults Michiru's lipstick color, causing Michiru to lose her temper and snap her lipstick in half, much to Haruka's distress. Michiru resents Yaten for a little bit afterwards. Otherwise, Michiru does not really interact with Yaten individually in either the manga or the anime. As Sailor Neptune, she is hostile to the Starlights collectively.

Elza Gray
Elza is an anime-only character who appears in Sailor Moon S. She is the one who introduces Michiru to Haruka. She appears to be one of Michiru's only friends in junior high; she calls Michiru "Michiru" without any honorifics, but it is unclear if this is because she's an American or if it's because she and Michiru are really that close.

To Elza, Haruka is the one person she could never beat at running, and she is forever chasing Haruka's back.


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