Suteki na Ready wo Mezase! Usagi to Minako no Shiren
Title Translation: "Learning to be Elegant Ladies! Usagi and Minako's Trial"
Description: Parody dialogue between Haruka, Michiru, Usagi, and Minako
Track: Track 2 of the Sailor Moon S Sound Drama Collection CD
Performed by: Ogata Megumi, Katsuki Masako, Mitsuishi Kotono, and Fukami Rika
Translated by: Masa Hayashi
Lyrics from: Greenbeans' Ogata Megumi Lyrics Page

Michiru: Anything the matter, the 2 of you?

Haruka: Yes, suddenly showing up at our house.

Usagi & Minako: Please!! Haruka-san, Michiru-san!

Minako: We want to learn to be elegant ladies like the 2 of you.

Michiru: Like the 2 of us?

Usagi: Like the 2 of you.

Michiru: Hmm, what do you say, Haruka?

Haruka: Why not, I don't mind.

Michiru: Alright. Well then, come visit us when you want and we'll spend some time with you.

Usagi & Minako: Yay!! Lucky!!

Usagi: I was so nervous! And that makes me want to go to the toilet. May I use your toilet?

Michiru: Toilet? We don't have one here.

Usagi & Minako: What??

Michiru: Elegant ladies don't go to the bathroom.

Usagi: Then what do you do [lowering her voice] when you need to pee?

Haruka: We just don't need to.

Usagi: [whispering] Minako, did you hear that? Amazing!

Minako: Bu- But it sounds so convincing with them. Truly elegant people are different afterall.

Usagi: Does that mean we can't pee either? That would leave our bellies so full all the time.

Minako: Hmmmm ...

Usagi: May I ask you a question?

Michiru: Yes?

Usagi: If you don't go to the bathroom, you do at least sweat though, right?

Michiru: Never.

Minako: What about body hair? How often do you shave?

Haruka: We don't have any where it is not wanted.

Usagi: Then I suppose you don't fart either?

Michiru: Fart? What is that?

Usagi: "What is that"??! You know, that smelly gas that comes out with the sound "bu--"

Haruka: Never heard of it. Michiru?

Michiru: Me neither.

Usagi: They don't know what fart is??!

Minako: This is too much.

Usagi: Yes, it is.

Minako: I guess we can never be like them.

Usagi: I guess not. Not letting out gas when you need to is bad for you.

Minako: Haruka-san, Michiru-san, we have to give up learning to be elegant ladies.

Michiru: Really? That's too bad.

Usagi: Sorry. And we are leaving now. Bye.

Minako: Bye.

Haruka: They gave up sooner that expected.

Michiru: We have the mission of looking for the Messiah and we have no time to entertain them, right?

Haruka: Right. But perhaps we were a bit mean.

Michiru: Ne, Haruka.

Haruka: Yes?

Michiru: That "fart" thing they were talking about, what exactly was that?

Haruka: @_@


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