Scene II: Michiru, Himeta omoi
Title Translation: "Scene II: Michiru, Hidden Feelings"
Track: Track 4 of the Uranus - Neptune - Chibimoon Plus CD
Performed by: Katsuki Masako
Translated by: Alex Glover of The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko

What I dream of is a beach house where I live together with you. A white house on the promontory, where we can always hear the sounds of the waves surging back and forth. What a thought!

But it would have been better if you were a more boring, ordinary person. So then I would live without wanting you. Even if we did happen to meet, I would live without wanting you.

Even when you're with a lot of friends, you're always still alone... I knew about you since I was a child. I've known since I was little that I'd be able to meet my destined one. But that's not the reason I wanted you. Destiny is meaningless to me. I'm not the type to worry about that sort of thing.

Since the darkened sky stole the sun, I can't just leave myself to the current. That's revealed by human nature, I know. Just...

Oh, you're so attractive anyway! *sigh* I wish we hadn't met. I plan to break up with you even now, if you become a boring person. But I know. You won't depend on anyone. You'll always be obedient to your own feelings. And you'll be like that until you die.

So fine! I've decided myself! I'm just running toward what I want. To always be with you, who knows isolation... I've decided that... in my heart.


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