Scene I: Haruka, Kawaki no tsuisou
Title Translation: "Scene I: Haruka, Recollection of Thirst"
Track: Track 1 of the Uranus - Neptune - Chibimoon Plus CD
Performed by: Ogata Megumi
Translated by: Alex Glover of The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko

[The phone rings.]


There's nobody else who would call at this time.

I was sleeping!

Right now?

Iwake Beach will still be there tomorrow and the day after.

It's an inconvenience.

Just wait. I'll be there soon.

[Hangs up the phone.]

Cold... In little light, my planet of isolation makes even myself freeze over. Before I met you, I was a pirate, taking for my own everything I liked in the world that I could see. I was a queen, leading all those around me.

Motorsports. Hang gliding. Basketball. Fencing. Whatever I did, nothing was a match for me. I went along, satisfied with that life. I spent the time convincing myself that I was satisfied.

But... But then... I felt I was really about to break apart. I felt I was going to be crushed by irritation. After I tore off the mask of the daytime, every night in bed I cried out without a voice.

No... This me is not me. It's not the real me! I was but a child, trying to escape my own destiny. Wrapped in a thin blanket, I was a naked child crying.

And then, when I met you, I understood at once. You were that person. You were that person I searched for, and at the same time was afraid of.

You, elegant but having wild eyes... Never turning your eyes from reality, fighting against everything... You taught me that destiny is something you choose yourself.

Like the larva dies and is reborn a butterfly, at that time the cowardly me was killed by you. You, strong and able to keep fighting. And yet... When I'm thinking of you... for some reason... gentle feelings... fill my heart...

[Translator's Note: The last sentence uses the word 'michiru', meaning 'to be full', and of course at the same time it refers to the person Haruka is speaking of.]


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