Michiru's SailorStars Prologue
Track: Track 1 of the Senshi no Omoi CD Single
Performed by: Katsuki Masako
Scenario and Composition by: Tagami Yuu
Translated by: Alex Glover of The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko

Every night a dream fortelling the end of the world repeated in my mind. In that scene, the memory of my previous life awakened. The memory as Sailor Neptune, carrying the protection of the planet of the deep sea, Neptune.

But I had a dream as Kaiou Michiru... A dream of becoming a violinist.

Being attracted to one with the same destiny, Ten'ou Haruka, I abandoned my dream and decided to live as a soldier. I felt pride in having the same fate as Haruka. Haruka accepted fate as well, and became my partner.

...Then the world was saved from oblivion.

But when wicked evil draws near this solar system, we will protect the princess from enemies from outer space.

Neptune Crystal Power, Make Up! I am the soldier of embrace, and I carry the protection of the planet of the deep sea, Neptune. I am Sailor Neptune, here invited by a new danger!


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