Haruka no Fukou - Semari Kuru Hametsu no Yokan
Title Translation: "Haruka's Misfortunes - Premonition of Approaching Ruin"
Description: Parody scenarios about Haruka
Track: Tracks 10, 11, and 12 of the Sailor Moon S Sound Drama Collection CD
Performed by: Ogata Megumi, Katsuki Masako, Mitsuishi Kotono, Tomizawa Michie, other
Translated by: Masa Hayashi
Lyrics from: Greenbeans' Ogata Megumi Lyrics Page

Track 10: Haruka, Sakanaya-san de Baito Suru
Haruka: Gosh, I'm going to be late for the appointment with Michiru!


Haruka: Look out!

Pedestrian 1: Ahhh!

Haruka: Are you alright?

Pedestrian 1: Yes, just twisted an ankle.

Haruka: Just the ankle?

Pedestrian 1: But I can't go to my part-time job like this. And if I take today off, I'll get fired.

Haruka: OK, I'll stand in for you today then.

Pedestrian 1: Really?

Haruka: Yeah. And what do you do?


Haruka: Hey come on, ladies, take a look! We have some real nice fresh fish today!

Haruka: Didn't think his job would be at a fish store! And at such an old fashioned fish store too with the headbands and all that ...

Customer 1: Can I have that fish?

Haruka: Yes, right away.

Haruka: And how come I was able to master the whole thing in no time at all? Could it be that ... I am actually *good* at it? Impossible! Totally absurd!

Customer 2: Excuse me?

Haruka: Yes, can I help you?

Customer 2: Can you fillet this fish for me?

Haruka: Certainly Ma'am, if that's what you desire.

Customer 2: Oh, how charming of you!

Haruka: Here it is!


Usagi: Ne, ne, Haruka-san and Michiru-san are definitely from very wealthy families, don't you think?

Rei: Michiru-san, no doubt. But Haruka-san, considering her dashing ways, I bet she's an "Edokko" (= a traditional old-downtown-Tokyo person).

Usagi: Uh????

Rei: Probably from a family that's been running either a sushi restaurant or a fish store for generations.

Usagi: You are kidding! ... Look at this, Rei-chan! The fish of this fish store looks delicious!

Haruka: Hey, young lady, you can tell the good stuff, can't you? This was just swimming a few ... Ah!

Usagi: ... Haruka-san ...

Rei: Oh, no ...

Haruka: ...Odango ...

Usagi: Haruka-san, you really do run a fish store ...

Haruka: No, no, no, I just had an accident at the fish store ... No, I mean I had to fillet the fish ... No, no, not that either, what I was trying to say was ...

Usagi: I fully understand.

Haruka: ??

Usagi: We are just taken aback because it is so different from your image. But we don't care whether it is the fish store or the vegetable store that you run, Haruka-san is still Haruka-san and our admiration for you won't change.

Haruka: Really? Thank you! No, I don't mean thank you, I mean ...

Rei: Sorry, we'd better be on our way.

Usagi: Goodbye!

Haruka: Hey, wait, the 2 of you! Ah, they're gone ...

Customer 3: Hello, excuse me.

Haruka: Yes, what can I do for you?

Haruka: Why does my body just respond so naturally ?????? Ahhhh .......


Michiru: You are just as charming working at the fish store, Haruka!

Track 11: Haruka ga Masaka Kondo wa Gay Bar de!?
Haruka: Look out!

Haruka: Are you alright?

Pedestrian 2: Just twisted an ankle. But I will lose my part-time job if I take today off.

Haruka: Not again! And what is this, this strange feeling that something is wrong?

Pedestrian 2: What do you mean by not again?

Haruka: Nothing. OK, I will stand in for you today then.

Pedestrian 2: Really? Great.

Haruka: I have a feeling that I wouldn't want to know, but what do you do?

Pedestrian 2: I work as a hostess at a gay bar.

Haruka: A gay bar! No way, I can't do that!

Pedestrian 2: Yes, you can. You are so charming! I have made up my mind. You are going to work there tonight.

Haruka: No way! Ahhh, get off me!!

Pedestrian 2: No!!

Haruka: Let go of me!! Let go of me!!

Pedestrian 2: No!!

Haruka: Let go of me!!!

Pedestrian 2: No!!!

Haruka: Let me goooooo!!!!

Pedestrian 2: Absolutely nooooot!!!!

Track 12: Michiru wa Nande mo Shitte Iru?
Haruka: Today is such a nightmare!

Michiru: What's the matter? It's not like you. Here.

Haruka: Thanks.

Haruka: Michiru?

Michiru: Yes?

Haruka: If I turn into someone totally different from what I am now, what would you do?

Michiru: What question you ask! No matter what you become, you will always be you and I will always be me. Nothing is going to change.

Haruka: You think so? Yes, I suppose so.

Michiru: You are acting strange.

Haruka: Sorry, I guess I just got discouraged.

Michiru: That's taboo, remember?

Haruka: Right.

Michiru: But the nervous you is so charming too.

Haruka: Cut it out!

Michiru: And you are just as charming working at the fish store.

Haruka: ............. You saw everything?

Michiru: And what a pity! I would have gone drinking every night had you agreed to work at the bar. Why did you turn it down?

Haruka: Tttt- That's no way I am going to work at a place like that ... But how did you find out?

Michiru: No matter what you become, you will always be you and my feelings for you will never change.

Haruka: I guess I am no match for you.

Michiru: ^_^


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