Dollhouse: Kisakae Dolls
Kisekae, or Kiss, is the term used for computer paper dolls. Using a Kisekae viewing program, you can dress and undress your favorite anime characters if there is a Kisekae set made for them.

The following are Uranus and Neptune Kiss dolls that I found on the web. Not all were credited, so if you know the creators, please contact me so that I can properly credit them. You don't need to open the archives - just run the Kisekae viewer and select the .lzh file from within the program.

Please Note: In most of these files, you can remove all of Uranus and Neptune's clothes.

Sailor Uranus doll
haruka.lzh: 41kb
By: Emby Quinn (www)
Sailor Neptune Doll
michiru.lzh: 38kb
By: Emby Quinn (www)
Uranus and Neptune dolls
nepuran.lzh: 98kb
By: Nabiki Farrington
Sailor Neptune doll
neptune.lzh: 147kb
By: Dragonfly (www)
Sailor Neptune Doll
neptune2.lzh: 14kb
By: Unknown
Super Sailor Neptune doll
ssneptun.lzh: 22kb
By: Sailor Madonna (www)
Sitting Uranus doll
uranus.lzh: 186kb
By: Sonya Sky
SD Sailor Uranus Doll
uranus01.lzh: 28kb
By: Unknown


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