Gallery: Scans and Screen Shots
Scans, screen shots, and other images/pictures of Haruka and Michiru are housed in this section. Currently, all images on this site were scanned/captured by me unless otherwise stated. The quality of scans varies from picture to picture - this is because my scanner isn't that great and because many of the source images that I used were small. All scans in this section are official images and come from artbooks, manga, musical and movie programs/pamphlets, DVDs, LDs, CDs, trading cards, telephone cards, shitajiki, posters, calendars, and even boxes of toys.

I will be dividing this area up into more sections as time goes on; I will also be adding more images in the future and trying to replace lesser-quality scans with higher-quality versions. Additionally, I will eventually add Sailor Moon images that I've collected from the web over the years.

If you would like to use images from this site, please see the Usage Policy.



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