Muses: Background Information
This website was opened on January 27, 2000. It was placed on permanent hiatus in September 2002, but in September 2007, I decided to take the shrine off hiatus and revamp all aspects of the site.

The current layout, version three, features a doujinshi image of Uranus and Neptune by the artist Shoko Mikuni. The image comes from the doujinshi anthology Colorful Moon 8. The layout was made to match the Haruka and Michiru fanlisting. It was designed in Paint Shop Pro 9.0 and features the font Selfish. The ornamental borders come from vectors created by Vallentin Vassileff.

Thanks to Kaworu and Selina for designing the layouts for the second version of the shrine. Their beautiful contributions remained online for seven years. <3 I also want to thank my anonymous friend for creating the first layout, backgrounds, and graphics that I used for an entire year. Finally, I want to thank Matthew for helping me with the Arcade section of this page, as well as many of the screen shots originally used on this site.

All other sources and credits are listed on the pages that the information or content is used on.

Usage Policies
Please do not copy this website's layout or my written content. If you would like to use someone's fanart, fanfics, translations, or contributions, please contact the contributor for their permission. Unless otherwise stated, you may use any other images and materials on this site as you'd like, though a link back to this site is greatly appreciated. Please, however, be respectful in how you use content from this site (i.e., please do not take all the images and upload them to another site).


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