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This section contains astrological information on Haruka and Michiru.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer
Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and occurs from January 21 until February 19. The element is Air, and the quality of Aquarius is Fixed. The symbol for this sign is the Water Bearer, which "brings clear truth and eternal wisdom." Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius. The Aquarian mode is Thought, and its motto is "I Universalize." The image for the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp (January 21-22) is "mystery and imagination"; the Aquarius I period, from January 23 - 30, is represented by "genius"; the Aquarius II period, from January 31 until February 7 have the images of "youth and ease"; the third Aquarius period, February 8-15 is marked by "acceptance"; and the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp, from February 16-19, has the image of "sensitivity."

Aquarius's stones are amazonite; aquamarine; hematite; and amber. The colors of Aquarius are electric blue, silver grey, and flourescent colors. The musical keys of Aquarius are D Major and F Sharp Major. This sign's plants are dandelions, resins, franincense, and myrrh. Those born on January 21 have the birch tree; from January 22 until February 18, the tree is the rowan tree or the mountain ash; and those born on Febuary 19 have the ash tree. Aquarians are attracted to those born under the signs of Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are "childlike" with a "somewhat fanciful attitude." During their life, they experience an "increasing detachment from earthly life." Oftentimes, Aquarians demonstrate "unpredictibility, eccentricity, and erraticness" because of Uranus's influence, and they thus can show "idiosyncratic behaviors." Because of these traits, it's very difficult to regulate the behavior of Aquarians or to guess what they will do next. "Joy is important" to the sign of Aquarius; they generally have a "basically open attitude" and "can be more accepting than others." When "confronted by" "stressful demands" or conflict, they can lose their control. Despite their "fanciful attitude," Aquarians are "promoters" of "high ideals" and "scientific and universal truths." Their attempts to "maintain objectivity" get them labeled as "lack[ing] emotion." Aquarians can be "attracted to the profound, darker aspects of others."

Comments: This doesn't really describe Haruka very much, I think. It's true that she can be unpredictible, and her image of the "genius" can be seen through her natural ability at sports. Probably the only other thing I can say that might relate to her is that she's often said to "lack emotion" because she's often so cold as Sailor Uranus.

Pisces: The Fish
The Pisces sign, represented by the Fish, is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac, occurring from February 20 to March 20. Its element is Water, its quality Mutable, its mode Feeling, and its motto "I Believe." The ruler of Pisces is the planet Neptune. The symbol the fish "swim freely in the cosmic ocean" and "represent [the] highest lessons of fellowship, and capacity to see deeply into life and nature of things." The fish "can submerge themslves in the depths and partake of hidden and ultimate mysteries." They essentially teach the idea that "death is only beginning of new life." The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp, from Febuary 20-22, is represented by the image of "sensitivity"; Pisces I, from February 23 - March 2, has the image of "Spirit"; from March 3 - 10 is the second Pisces period and its image is "Loner"; Pisces III is from March 11 - 18 and has the image of "Dancers and Dreamers"; the Pisces-Aries Cusp, March 19 - 20, shows "Rebirth."

The stones of the sign of Pisces are the white opal; jade; pearl; and amethyst. Its colors are mauve, purple, and aquamarine, while its musical keys are B Minor and B Flat Minor. The plants are mosses, ferns, and seaweed. From February 20 - March 17, the tree is the ash; March 18 - 20 has the alder, pomegranate, and dogwood trees; the Spring Equinox has the furze, gorse, and wild olive. Pisces is typically attracted to Aquarius, Cancer, and Scorpio.

The Pisces sign signifies a "merging with cosmos" and a "letting go of earthly attachments." Those born under this sign have a "dreamy, spiritual, and deeply emotional quality." They are often "not practical but can be understanding" in their "expression of abstract ideas and systems." They share their "material possessions" "easily", and they "enjoy friendships and close partnerships." However, they sometimes "need to be alone a good deal"; this tendency can result in them "becom[ing] loners who isolate themselves from the world." Marked by "extreme sensitivity", they "can be vulnerable to depression and self-pity" and should thus "be wary of self-pity," but their "suffering is dealt with well." Those born with the Pisces sign have "excellent memories," are "devotional, true believers," and are "highly empathic and sensitive to others."

Comments: This seems to describe Michiru pretty well. Michiru's sensitive and empathic, and she has a very close partnership with Haruka and friendships with Setsuna and her adopted daughter Hotaru. Part of the "loner" that comes in is when, in SMS episode 106, Haruka overhears the comment that Michiru doesn't have any friends. Apparently Michiru, though she is admired by many, is selective in choosing friends. Either that or her "perfection" might cause her to be ostrasized by others.

January 27th
January 27th is in the Aquarius I period and is "6-8 degrees Aquarius." This date is called "The Day of Precocity." January 27th's ruling number is 9 (from 2+7=9). Its main planet is Uranus with the secondary one being Mars. The combination of Uranus and Mars "indicate marked mental abilities but leave people cool or unemotional" "with periodic and often childish outbursts." The planet Mars is "forceful and aggressive", and the number 9 "powerful," so people born on this day have the tendency to "envelop situations." The strengths of people born this day are that they are "bright, quick, and childlike"; their weaknesses are that they are "childish, impatient, and immature." The Tarot card is the 9th card, The Hermit, which "represents meditation, isolation, [and] quietude" and "crystallized wisdom and ultimate disclipline. Its positive qualities are a "stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity and concentration" while the Hermit's negative qualities are "dogmatism, intollerance, mistrust, and discouragement."

Aquarians of this day tend to "manifest talents at early age" and throughout their lives, they are "highly concerned with [the] new and keeping young." Because their skills present themselves so early, they may experience "premature development." They are often predisposed to speedy decisions and have "difficult[y] maintain[ing] control over their affairs", so they "may push friendships and romances too quickly." Because of their childlike qualities, they "may be accused of being overenthusiastic, juvenile, and childish in emotional attitudes." These Aquarians "must learn patience and discrimination"; "must pay attention to opinions of others"; and "cultivating a realistic outlook" is essential. "All maturing responsibilities are challenges and opportunity for growth."

Comments: Again, I don't really think this profile fits Haruka too much, except for the line about leaving "people cool or unemotional" which describes her throughout her mission as Uranus. Haruka does have intense concentration and purpose for her mission though and for protecting those she cares about. Probably her critics would say that she needs to "learn patience and discrimination" and not be so "intollerant" or "mistrustful" of others, such as the Starlights.

March 6th
March 6th occurs during the Pisces II and is 14-16 degress Pisces. This day is called "The Day of the Beauty Lovers." The special number of March 6th is 6, which makes those born on this date "magnetic in attracting and expressing sympathy and admiration." The ruling planet is Neptune with the minor planet Venus; together, they make those Pisces of this day "sentimental and impressionable"; "love is a dominant theme" in these people's lives. The strengths of this day are aestheticismm, attentiveness, and devotion; its weaknesses are complacency, oversensuality, and the tendency to be adrift. The Tarot of the major Arcana is the 6th card, the Lovers. This card "symbolizes the love that unites all humantity through integration of masculine and feminine polarities." The good aspects of the Lovers card are "affections and desires on a high moral, aesthetic and physical plane" while the bad are "unfulfilled desires, sentimentality, and indecisiveness."

People born on March 6th have an "irresistable attraction to beauty, less often an agressively forceful or passionate attraction, but rather a subtly magnetic one." They are "drawn toward certain people, situations, environments, music, drama, and art that please their senses." The also "often have attractive powers they may not fully realize." For instance, they "may be going peacfully in a certain direction whens someone catches their eye; they view this thing of beauty but for a brief instant, but cannot get the image out of their mind." They are thus "irresistably drawn to it" "due to unconscious sensitivities or psychic powers and the nature of romantic attraction." They tend to "project their own series of internalized and idealized pictures out on the world, or unconscious set of strong expectations." Though attracted to beauty, they may tend to see what they want to see in others and not how those things really are. Pisces who have their birthdays on this day are "highly aesthetic, willing to devote lives and sacrifice themselves to their ideals." They have a tendency to "inspir[e] great admiration and adoration in others." They love sensuous experiences, but these "may overwhelm them," causing them to "become slaves to their desires." March 6th Pisces need to "learn to be objective in handling [their] attractions."

Comments: Probably the most accurate of all of the profiles, this characterizes Michiru the best. Michiru is extremely aesthetic, obviously. She is extremely drawn to Haruka, which is the only case in which I'd say the "irresistable attraction to beauty" comes into play; that and her minor obsession with her looks. Michiru is willing to sacrifice her life for her mission, ideals, and lover, being completely devoted to Haruka and her duties as a senshi. Michiru is also extremely attractive and admired by others, as in the episode where Usagi tags along with Michiru to learn to become a beautiful "princess" such as herself. One quality of Michiru that some people mistake her as having is being indecisive, or rather, simply following whatever Haruka says or does.

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