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This section covers the first anime series.

Kaioh Michiru first awakens as Sailor Neptune while in junior high school. The circumstances of her awakening remain a mystery, as this information is never revealed in the anime. It is possible, however, that her acceptance of her destiny was reluctant, judging from her heated conversations with Haruka in Episode 106.

It is not clear how much of her past life Michiru remembers - in Episode 93, she says that the memories she was given were vague. She knows, at least, that she must save the world from the Silence by finding the three Talismans, which are sealed inside the pure hearts of three humans. The Talismans, when brought together, will call forth the Holy Grail, which the Messiah will use to save the world.

Another Sailor Senshi has also been given the task of collecting the Talismans. That Senshi is Sailor Uranus. Michiru discovers that a girl named Tenoh Haruka is the reincarnation of Sailor Uranus. Haruka has been having visions for some time of the Silence; in these dreams, Sailor Neptune appears to Haruka, telling her that they must stop the Silence by finding the Talismans.

Haruka and Michiru's first meeting is depicted in Episode 106. They are introduced in junior high by way of their mutual acquaintance, Elza Gray, after a track meet in which Elza and Haruka both compete. Michiru speaks to Haruka, knowing full well that Haruka is Uranus. However, though Haruka realizes that Michiru is the girl from her dream, she refuses to accept her past and rejects Michiru's overtures.

Later, they meet again on a cruise ship. When Haruka wanders the ship, she comes across a painting by Michiru called "The End of the World." Michiru tells Haruka that the painting is a real scene of the future if they don't stop it. Haruka again refuses to accept her destiny, telling Michiru to save the world alone, as Haruka wants to focus on racing. Michiru angrily retorts that she doesn't want to save the world, either, since she wants to become a violinist.

However, though Michiru wants Haruka to accept her past and her mission to save the world, she is also conflicted. When she first learns about Haruka, she doesn't yet know that Haruka is Sailor Uranus. Michiru is immediately attracted to the girl, and she seems to have an understanding of Haruka that even Haruka doesn't have of herself. At some point, she discovers that Haruka is a Sailor Senshi, too. On the cruise ship, Michiru tells Haruka that there is someone in her school who wants to ride with Haruka in her car, which is a reference to herself and her desire to be with Haruka.

Because of this attraction - love, really - when Haruka is attacked by a monster and Haruka's henshin stick appears, Michiru stops her from taking it. Michiru warns Haruka that if she takes the stick, she will never be able to return to her old life. Michiru then transforms into Sailor Neptune and attacks the monster. As Neptune is about to finish it off, Haruka stops her, saying that the monster is actually human. Neptune coolly replies that if she doesn't kill the monster, it will hurt other people; she defends her motives as Haruka angrily questions her methods. Suddenly, the monster recovers and goes for Haruka, but Neptune pushes Haruka away, taking the blow. Neptune then attacks the monster, which turns back into a human.

As Haruka wonders why Neptune saved her, Neptune says that this was her choice. She then admits her feelings for Haruka, saying how she watched Haruka even before knowing that the blonde girl was her partner. When she learned Haruka was the other Sailor Senshi, she was happy. As Haruka listens to Neptune, she makes the decision to accept her destiny and become Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Moon S
The gathering of the Talismans requires the sacrifice of their owners, as once a heart crystal is removed from a person, he or she will eventually die. Michiru and Haruka both realize the implications of this, and though they do not like it, they accept the deaths of the Talisman holders as a necessary occurrence to save the world. They also understand the danger involved in the mission and the importance that it holds for Earth. Thus, Haruka and Michiru have made a vow that if something happens to the other, the remaining Senshi will leave her partner to carry out the mission.

Because of these circumstances, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are often cold and unsympathetic to the plights of the Sailor Team. They feel, and correctly so, that the Sailor Team will never be able to sacrifice anyone for the world due to their naivete and inability to let innocents die. To them, the Sailor Team get in the way, hindering their progress.

Michiru and Haruka enter Mugen Gakuen as their mission gets underway. They suspect that it may be the headquarters of the Death Busters, aliens from outside the galaxy who have invaded Earth. The Death Busters also want the Talismans and the Holy Grail; they, however, have their own Messiah who, if she obtains the Holy Grail, will create the Silence, not prevent it.

Uranus and Neptune first appear in episode 90, but in shadow only. They arrive to kill a daimon (the name of the monsters in Sailor Moon S) and rescue Hino Rei and her friends. Uranus and Neptune use their attacks, which remain unnamed. The daimon must have been very weak because their two attacks alone killed it, which does not happen to any other daimon in the series. After the daimon is killed, Uranus and Neptune examine Rei's heart crystal, throw it back to Rei when they discover that it's not a Talisman, and leap away before being discovered by the girls, though Luna and Artemis see them leave.

In episode 91, the two senshi remain nameless and in shadow as they arrive to attack a cat daimon. They stick around long enough to examine the heart crystal before they decide to leave, telling the horrified Sailor Team that this is not their concern and letting the younger girls fend for themselves.

Haruka and Michiru make their first appearance in civilian form in episode 92. Usagi and Minako are at the Crown Game Center when Haruka enters. They immediately fall for Haruka, assuming her to be a handsome boy because of her looks and her male uniform. When Michiru appears, looking for Haruka, Usagi and Minako are struck by Michiru's beauty. Immensely interested in Haruka, Minako and Usagi secretly follow "him," despite Usagi being certain that Haruka and Michiru are lovers. When Minako and Usagi are found out, they ask about Haruka and Michiru's relationship - Haruka says that "he" and Michiru are closer than lovers, but Michiru says that she is not Haruka's girlfriend. A daimon soon attacks one of Haruka's friends; Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon arrive to fight, but then Uranus and Neptune introduce themselves, to the shock of Venus and Moon, and attack the monster. After the daimon is destroyed, Uranus and Neptune look at the heart crystal and return it to Sailor Moon before walking away. Later the Sailor Team are at the Crown Game Center, talking about the new Sailor Senshi; Michiru enters, and Minako asks where Haruka is. Michiru points to Haruka, who has her jacket off and is clearly a girl without it, and everyone is surprised.

From that episode onwards until episode 110, Sailor Uranus and Neptune arrive in every episode to either attack the daimons or to wait for the heart crystals. Though they sometimes help out the Sailor Team, they also just as frequently leave the girls to fend for themselves. Their reasons for wanting the heart crystals and the Talismans remain unclear to the Sailor Team, and they make no attempt to enlighten the other girls. Consequentially, the Sailor Team greatly mistrust and dislike the two senshi's methods. This sometimes leads to conflicts, where Uranus and Neptune must fight the Sailor Team to get what they want; however, in other episodes, Uranus and Neptune work with the Sailor Team, usually due to forced circumstances.

The episodes leading up to episode 110 also develop Haruka and Michiru's relationship with the younger girls in the opposite direction. All the girls seem to respect or greatly admire the mature, adult-like high school students. In particular, Usagi likes both Haruka and Michiru, and the two girls are fond of Usagi, though Haruka feels more strongly towards her. Makoto and Minako also admire Haruka a lot; Makoto for one episode becomes infatuated with Haruka because of her style, her "coolness," while Minako asks Haruka for advice when she wonders if she should quit being a Sailor Senshi for a while. Ami seems to look up to Michiru a little bit, too; Michiru in one episode helps build Ami's self-confidence by making her try her hardest. Rei does not seem to have a very developed relationship with either girl, though in one episode Haruka gives Rei a ride home on her motorcycle and flirts with her a bit.

In episode 109, Michiru and Haruka discover the identity of Sailor Moon when Usagi is forced to transform in front of them to save Minako from Eudial, one of the Death Busters. Usagi, in turn, learns that Michiru and Haruka are Neptune and Uranus as they transform in front of her. When Sailor Moon asks them about their mission as they are leaving, Uranus and Neptune tell Moon and the other senshi to stay out of their business. Although the Sailor Team is shocked by the true identities of Uranus and Neptune, Michiru and Haruka do not regret transforming in front of Eudial to save Usagi and Minako.

Episodes 110 and 111 are the major turning points in the Sailor Moon S season. In episode 110, Eudial, knowing Haruka and Michiru's identities, invites them to the Marine Cathedral to get the Talismans, as she knows who the owners are. Haruka and Michiru agree that Eudial is telling the truth, as they both had premonitions that the Talismans would be found that day. Later, they meet Usagi alone; Haruka tells Usagi not to interfere, grabs Usagi's brooch, and says if Usagi appears in front of them again, she will die. Haruka and Michiru then transform and go to face Eudial.

While at the Marine Cathedral, Uranus and Neptune are ambushed. Neptune is captured when she pushes Uranus out of the way of an attack. Eudial tells Uranus that Neptune is one of the owners of the Talismans. Uranus thinks this is impossible. She goes to save Neptune but falls into another trap. Eudial says that Uranus is also one of the Talisman holders, to Uranus's disbelief. Neptune sees Eudial about to take Uranus's Talisman; she breaks free of her confines and tries to run to Uranus. Neptune continues onward despite being barraged by Eudial's trap; Neptune stumbles towards Eudial and is shot by Eudial's gun. As Uranus watches on, horrified, Neptune's heart crystal comes out, then turns into a mirror, one of the Talismans.

Eudial then turns back to Uranus and is about to shoot her when Usagi rushes in, looking to Uranus like the Messiah, and knocks Eudial over the bridge into the pit below. Usagi then pleads with the Talisman to reenter Michiru's body, but Uranus tells her to stop, since they found the Talismans. Uranus returns Usagi's brooch to her and picks up the gun, and Usagi, knowing her intent, tries to grab it away, finally crying out that they don't need the Talismans, and that she'll save the world without them. Uranus softens for a minute, saying that it's strange, but she somehow believes Usagi when she says that and that she thought Usagi was the Messiah for a second. She then pushes Usagi away, telling her to find the last Talisman, and shoots herself. Her heart crystal turns into a sword, the second Talisman.

In episode 111, Uranus tells Usagi to find the last Talisman and deliver the three to the Messiah, who is the only one who can save the world. She then faints. Uranus and Neptune are not dead yet, however, only unconscious. Eudial arrives and steals the two Talismans. Sailor Moon confronts Eudial, but her attack is no match for Eudial's weapon. It is then that Meioh Setsuna appears, transforms into Sailor Pluto, and announces that she has the third Talisman. Eudial and the Sailor Senshi are stunned. Pluto holds up the Garnet Orb, causing the other two Talismans to leave Eudial; Uranus and Neptune appear in front of Pluto. The sword and mirror Talismans release the heart crystals, which return to the two senshi's bodies. Uranus and Neptune awaken; when they hold their Talismans, the three Talismans' powers combine to form the Holy Grail. Eudial rushes for the Holy Grail, but Sailor Moon inches her out; when Sailor Moon grabs the Holy Grail, she transforms into Super Sailor Moon. She defeats Eudial but then nearly faints, losing her transformation. Although Uranus and Neptune had thought Sailor Moon might be the Messiah, Uranus says that Sailor Moon is not the one - the true Messiah has unlimited power. Uranus and Neptune's new mission, then, is to find the Messiah.

In the episodes following, Haruka and Michiru don't do very much other than hang out with Setsuna. The three investigate the Death Busters and look for the Messiah. Occasionally they will show up to fight a daimon. They reveal to Mamoru that they are the three Sailor Senshi of the outer solar system; they were given powers stronger than the other Senshi, and they have the task of protecting the solar system from outside invaders. Therefore, it is their duty to defeat the Death Busters and prevent the Silence.

They are also wary of Chibi-usa's new friend, Tomoe Hotaru, a girl with strange powers who is connected the Tomoe Souichi, the owner of Mugen Gakuen. In Episode 119, they confirm that Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, the senshi of silence, who will inevitably cause the end of the world and so therefore must be killed before she can awaken. However, because the Sailor Team interferes, Hotaru escapes.

In episode 120, Haruka and Michiru search Mugen Gakuen for clues on the enemy; in episode 122, they enter the off-limits basement where Hotaru is being kept. They rush forward to kill her but are stopped by Ami. Hotaru escapes, and Haruka and Michiru's cover is blown. In episode 123, Uranus and Neptune enter the underground labyrinths of Mugen Gakuen. There they see Professor Tomoe with Chibimoon unconscious; the Sailor Team eventually arrive, and they all witness Hotaru swallowing Chibimoon's heart crystal. Hotaru transforms into the Death Buster Mistress 9.

In episode 124, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto head towards Mugen Gakuen in their helicopter; as they approach the building, the daimons outside of it attack the helicopter, causing it to explode. However, Pluto stops time, then transports Uranus and Neptune onto the roof of Mugen Gakuen safely, before the helicopter finally blows up. Inside the building, Uranus and Neptune encounter Professor Tomoe, who releases the daimon that has possessed him. Uranus and Neptune are captured, but Pluto's voice calls the Talismans, which appear and disintegrate the daimon's holds on the two senshi. Neptune and Uranus then use their Talismans to defeat the daimon. At the end of the episode, they finally reach Mistress 9's location.

Uranus and Neptune immediately try to use their attacks on Mistress 9 in episode 125, but Sailor Moon rushes forward and takes the attacks. Mistress 9 uses this opportunity to capture Uranus and Neptune. Despite Uranus and Neptune's protests, Mistress 9 tricks Sailor Moon into handing over the Holy Grail; Mistress 9 uses the power of the Holy Grail to bring Master Pharoah 90 into the galaxy. This destroys the Holy Grail. It also unleashes a blast of energy at Mistress 9, who is badly hurt. Hotaru's spirit then manages to overcome Mistress 9, whose body disintegrates, leaving behind only the symbol of Saturn.

With the destruction of the Holy Grail and the inevitable arrival of Master Pharoah 90, Uranus and Neptune believe that the world will now finally end, and they blame Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn then appears, thanks Sailor Moon, and says she'll defeat Master Pharoah 90, even though it'll be at the expense of her life. She then leaps away; Sailor Moon, desperate to go after her, tries to transform into Super Sailor Moon, but without the Holy Grail, it doesn't work. Finally, she gains the power from all the senshi, including Uranus and Neptune, and transforms. She follows Saturn into the battle. Master Pharoah 90 is defeated, the world is saved, and Super Sailor Moon, obviously the true Messiah, appears carrying a baby - Hotaru reborn.

In episode 126, Uranus and Neptune take baby Hotaru from Super Sailor Moon. They care for Hotaru for a short period before returning her to a now unpossessed Tomoe. Haruka tells Michiru that they have one last thing to do before they can leave. At the ruins of Mugen Gakuen, Haruka and Michiru challenge Sailor Moon to a fight, saying that they can't allow someone like her to be in charge of the world's safety. Though Sailor Moon gets beaten around a bit, her ginzuishou finally shines, protecting her. Uranus and Neptune, seeing Sailor Moon's true strength< acknowledge Sailor Moon as their princess and as the Messiah, and they leave the world in her hands. With their mission complete, Haruka and Michiru leave the city, and so ends their role for the next season.

Sailor Moon S Movie
Michiru and Haruka also are in the Sailor Moon S movie. Continuity-wise, the movie takes place sometime after episode 111, but probably before episode 119. Haruka and Michiru don't actually do much, though, other than hang around with Setsuna, look cool, and fight some of the monsters. With Pluto, they face off against Princess Kaguya, the main villain, but they cannot defeat her by themselves. At the end of the movie, they combine their powers with the other Sailor Senshi to destroy Kaguya.

Sailor Moon SuperS
Michiru and Haruka do not appear in the fourth season, Sailor Moon SuperS, except for the SuperS TV Special, which aired early on in the season. This special is just a cute side story, good for Haruka/Michiru fans, but not really having an impact on the main plot at all. In the special, an evil puppet, a minion of the Dead Moon Circus, attacks a sick Haruka. Michiru saves Haruka, and then Haruka destroys the puppet. At the end of the special, Haruka and Michiru believe that the world will be fine because "those girls" (the Sailor Team) will take care of it.

Sailor Moon SuperS Movie
Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto randomly appear in the SuperS movie to save the Sailor Team from the enemy. They say that they sensed a threat to Earth, and Pluto sensed a threat to Chibimoon. There really isn't any point to them being in the movie, nor does their appearance make any sense. However, Uranus and Neptune use two new powers - Space Sword Blaster and Submarine Reflection - and flirt a bit. Later, they give their power to Sailor Moon to help her defeat the enemy.

Sailor Moon SailorStars
Haruka and Michiru appear in the first arc of SailorStars, having returned to Tokyo. The villain from SuperS, Neherenia of the Dead Moon, has just been freed from her prison. Seeing that Princess Serenity is still alive, Neherenia vows revenge against the Princess and all members of the White Moon. She unleases a curse on the city, one that also affects Mamoru.

In Episode 167, Michiru senses something strange in her mirror but can't tell what it is. While she and Haruka watch the shooting stars, Haruka is struck by something in her hand - it is a glass shard, which then turns into a Mirror Paredory. Mirror paredories surround them. A voice says that Haruka and Michiru are affiliated with the White Moon and will therefore be killed. They are saved, however, by Sailor Pluto, who is carrying baby Hotaru. Pluto says that they will need Saturn.

Haruka and Michiru, knowing that they must fight because it is their destiny, transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. They fight the Mirror Paredories, but the monsters keep reforming. Baby Hotaru is about to be attacked by a Mirror Paredory when Hotaru's eyes suddenly open, the Saturn symbol appears on her forehead, and the monster disintegrates. The three Outer Senshi feel a new power, which is from Hotaru, and are powered up into their Super forms. They then destroy the Mirror Paredories. Uranus wonders what could cause Saturn to reawaken. Hotaru, now no longer a baby but a young child, says that the princess is in danger.

In Episode 168, the four Outer Senshi are living together; Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama, and Setsuna-mama are raising Hotaru, who is growing at an astonishing rate. That evening, Hotaru makes a simulation of the solar system; as they watch, a dark shadow covers the moon, and Hotaru utters a warning. Later, as Hotaru lies in bed, she sees Neherenia's shadow in her room and is scared until a voice reassures her. Sailor Saturn's spirit appears and revives Hotaru's memories; Hotaru then ages again and appears to her guardians, saying danger is approaching the princess. The next day, the four Outer Senshi arrive at the Hikawa Jinja to save the Sailor Team from the Mirror Paredories. Saturn then tells everyone to give their power to Sailor Moon so that she can awaken as the true queen of the moon; they do so, and Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.

In Episode 169, the Sailor Senshi discover that Neherenia is responsible for the sickness covering the city. Neherenia captures Mamoru, dragging him into her world. At the start of Episode 170, Chibimoon starts to fade. Setsuna explains that this is a time paradox, and they have to save Mamoru or else Chibi-usa will never be born. After Usagi runs off by herself to rescue Mamoru, the senshi all follow her to Neherenia's realm, but they are separated along the way. Uranus is paired up with Mercury, Neptune with Mars, Pluto with Venus, Saturn with Chibimoon, and Jupiter by herself. Over the course of Episodes 170 and 171, the senshi are all captured and sealed into mirrors by Neherenia.

Episode 172 reveals Neherenia's sad history. Usagi and the Sailor Senshi's sympathy for Neherenia break Neherenia's curse; the senshi are released from their mirrors, Mamoru is freed from Neherenia's control, and Chibimoon comes back to life. The Sailor Senshi combine their powers to give Eternal Sailor Moon energy. Using this power, Sailor Moon sends Neherenia back into the past so that she can relive her life.

In the second arc of SailorStars, a villain named Sailor Galaxia has come to Earth to steal the galaxy's Star Seeds. She has already destroyed a multitude of worlds. Her henchwomen are the Sailor Animamates, also Sailor Senshi. Haruka and Michiru do not show up in the season for a while. Instead, new Sailor Senshi known as the Sailor Starlights arrive; their Earth guises are the Three Lights. The Starlights, having come from another galaxy, are looking for their lost princess, from whom they were separated after Galaxia destroyed their world.

In Episode 179, Haruka and Michiru re-appear. At the end of the episode, they sense that a new "wave" is approaching, more powerful than anything they've ever seen. Michiru wonders if their fighting will ever end, and Haruka says it doesn't matter as long as she's with her. In Episode 180, Haruka and Michiru rejoin the battle as Sailor Senshi. Michiru and Seiya get a little friendly with each other, each sensing something strange about the other, while Haruka and Seiya begin their rivalry. Later, Uranus and Neptune keep the Starlights away from Sailor Moon, saying that their mission is to protect her.

Afterwards, Haruka and Michiru appear sporadically in the season. The few times they do appear, they are suspicious of the Starlights and the Three Lights. After the Starlights' identities are exposed, in episode 190, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto face off against Star Healer and Star Maker, telling them to stay away from Sailor Moon. They make Seiya promise that he won't see Usagi again, though both he and Usagi break this promise. The Outer Senshi explain their reasoning to Usagi - that the enemies are Sailor Senshi, too, and they cannot trust anyone but themselves. At the end of the episode, the Outer Senshi tell the Starlights that they'll protect this planet on their own.

In Episode 194, Uranus and Neptune are angered by Princess Kakyuu's request that Sailor Moon help her find "the light of hope" and defeat Galaxia. They also watch Usagi's house to make sure the enemies don't come after her. In Episode 195, Haruka and Michiru tell Usagi she has to say good-bye to Seiya, and they give them five minutes alone. Outside, they talk to Yaten and Taiki; the Three Lights don't believe the Sailor Senshi can save their world, but Haruka tells them they have something they want to protect (Usagi). At the end of the episode, Princess Kaykuu's Star Seed is taken, and Galaxia begins her full assault on Earth. In episode 196, Haruka and Michiru are at the Hikawa Jinja with the other Sailor Senshi; they go off on their own to fight Galaxia, and they are joined by Setsuna and Hotaru. They agree that out of the four of them, one will survive to defeat Galaxia. In this same episode, the Sailor Team decide to fight Galaxia, too; the Starlights are already at Galaxia's headquarters and are about to be killed, but Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus take the blasts instead. Their Star Seeds appear, and the four senshi die.

In Episode 197, Uranus and Neptune confront Galaxia. Their attacks, however, are useless against her. Pluto and Saturn are also unsuccessful. Before Galaxia finishes them off, she tells them that if they serve her, then they can continue living by wearing her bracelets. Although Pluto and Saturn demand to know who would do such a thing, Uranus seems interested. She looks at Neptune and says that if they can be together, she won't mind selling her soul to the devil. Neptune agrees. Galaxia takes their Star Seeds, then gives them her bracelets. Their first order is to kill Pluto and Saturn, which they do.

In episode 198, Sailor Moon can't believe that Uranus and Neptune have joined up with the enemy, telling them that she believes in them. Uranus and Neptune quickly dissuade Sailor Moon of this belief. Galaxia eventually orders Uranus and Neptune to kill Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights. However, instead of attacking Sailor Moon, Uranus and Neptune attack Galaxia. This plan, though, fails, as Galaxia doesn't have a star seed. Galaxia is amused by the fact that Uranus and Neptune weren't controlled by her; she then takes their bracelets, and they begin to fade. Before they die, they tell the Starlights to protect Sailor Moon.

In Episode 200, Sailor Moon releases Chaos, the entity that was controlling Galaxia, from Galaxia's body. Galaxia, now good once more, goes to return the Star Seeds back to their proper places, and the Sailor Senshi, Mamoru, and Princess Kakyuu come back to life. At the end of the episode, Haruka and Michiru are with Setsuna and Hotaru watching the night sky, and they see the Starlights and Princess Kakyuu returning to their planet. When asked by Hotaru what they wished for, Michiru says they didn't wish for anything because they are the happiest the way they are now; Haruka agrees.


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