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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン) is a manga and anime series by Takeuchi Naoko about a young girl, Tsukino Usagi, who discovers that she is a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon, destined to protect Earth.

Kaioh Michiru
Birthdate: March 6
Blood Type: O
Sign: Pisces
Favorite Color: Marine blue
Favorite food: Sashimi
Least Favorite food: Kikurage
Hobby: Collecting cosmetics
Favorite subject: Music
Worst subject: None
Has trouble with: Sea cucumbers
Strong point: Violins
Favorite Stone: Aquamarine
Dream: To be a violinist
Sailor Neptune
Transformation Phrases:
Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up
Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up

Deep Submerge
Submarine Reflection
Submarine Violin Tide

Deep Aqua Mirror (Submarine Mirror)
Transformation devices
Communicator watch

Kaioh Michiru is a character who appears in the third season/story arc of Sailor Moon. In her civilian life, she attends high school at the elite Infinity Academy, and she is famous for being a violin prodigy (and a talented painter, in the anime). As her name suggests ("Kaioh" means "Ocean King," and "Michiru" means "to rise"), she has an affinity to the ocean, and she enjoys swimming. Michiru obviously comes from a wealthy background and is at ease in upper-class settings; she is mature, sophisticated, and elegant, and though generally kind to everyone, she can be somewhat aloof.

In the anime, in junior high, Michiru's dreams of becoming a violin player are dashed when she discovers she is a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Neptune, whose mission it is to save the world from the Silence, the end of the world, and to prevent Sailor Saturn's awakening. She soon discovers another Sailor Soldier with the same mission, Sailor Uranus, in Tenoh Haruka, a girl who wants to become a professional race car driver. Once Haruka accepts her fate, the two become partners, and eventually, lovers.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, as members of the Sailor Soldiers of the outer planetary system ("Outer Senshi," for short), have different duties from that of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Team ("Inner Senshi"). The two groups often come into conflict on methods, since Uranus and Neptune are determined to save the world at any cost, including the lives of innocents, and, eventually, their own lives.

As Neptune, aspects not immediately apparent in Michiru's personality become more obvious. Although obviously quite dedicated to whatever she pursues (as evidenced in her skill at so many things), she is also equally determined to do what she must as a Sailor Soldier, whether it is "prevent the Silence" or "protect the princess." She can be very indifferent and cold as a soldier, which is mostly just a front to handle doing undesirable things for the greater good. A passionate nature becomes sometimes more visible while as a soldier, as well as arrogance.

The most important person in Michiru's life is Haruka. Michiru and Haruka are willing to die for each other, and their love is one of the strongest I've seen in anime/manga. They have a unique bond, one in which they can seem to understand each other without needing to say anything, both as partners and as lovers. They flirt and tease each other, and though they often flirt with others as well, they're hardly ever jealous of each other. They comfort and care for each other, and during a time when it seems like there is no one else who can understand, they have each other.

In the Dream arc of the manga and in SailorStars (both anime and manga), Michiru lives with Haruka, Setsuna, and Hotaru, in a weird, normal sort of family. Michiru has an apparent maternal streak and loves taking care of baby Hotaru. She is "Michiru-mama," Setsuna is "Setsuna-mama," and Haruka is "Haruka-papa." Setsuna is the good friend of Haruka and Michiru, and Hotaru is the adopted daughter of them all. The four have a sort of bond, as well, from this family setting and from similar circumstances, so even though towards the end of the SailorStars anime, Neptune and Uranus kill Pluto and Saturn, Pluto and Saturn seem to sense their plan and accept their fates.

Michiru is my absolute favorite character in Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, and my favorite anime/manga character of all time. When I was younger, all of my online nicknames, handles, e-mail addresses, and URLs used to be somehow related to Michiru. Although I've (mostly) moved on from that obsessive phase, I will always love Michiru because she has been such a major part of my life. I also continue to adore her because I admire her as a character - her beauty, grace, intelligence, abilities, dedication, kindness, strength, and everything about her.

For my shrine to Michiru and Haruka, please visit Sea Sky, Wind Water.

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