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01/14/2004: Sorry for the lack of updates. There's one new piece of fanart by Bishounen no Hime. December 2003 also marked the English release of the Hellsing manga by Dark Horse comics, which is nifty. If you haven't joined the fanlisting, please do so! Show your love for Integra lt;3

10/03/2003: Two new fanarts by Kipouiket!

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07/30/2003: Two new fanarts: one by Sabi, one by Teffy. Also, a new fan music video by Robert.

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07/11/2002: One new fanart. <3

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06/11/2002: Screen caps for Order: 12 and the Hellsing OP. Other minor updates.

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04/30/2002: Driven, Relationships, and Unresolved updated again. X_x

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04/20/2002: Grand opening of Intensity + Hellsing.nu. Character analysis and anime story information coming soon =)