Integra's Name in Japanese
Integral Hellsing Name: Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Name Notes: "Fairbrook" is used in the manga only. It is based on the romanization of her name, "Faruburuke." Might also be "Farbrook." The Dark Horse translation of the manga uses "Fairbrook."
Nickname: Integra
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 190cm (according to Newtype)
Blood Type: A or AB
Position: Bureau Director of Hellsing Organization (Institution); commander of the Royal Protestant Knights

At the young age of 13, Integral assumed leadership of Hellsing Organization after her father's death. Hellsing is a secret military organization, of which only the Queen of England, the Round Table, and various British intelligence organizations and policing groups are aware. Hellsing has its own army, the Royal Protestant Knights, which serves to protect England from the undead, which the British police and special forces are unable to handle. Hellsing's standing orders are simple: "Search and destroy."

As the kyokuchou (bureau director) of Hellsing Organization, Integra is also the master of the vampire Arucard. As Hellsing's 'trump card,' Arucard serves on the trash disposal unit, assisting in the elimination of the undead. Integral is the only human whom Arucard will obey.

Integra is generally very collected and rarely betrays her inner emotions. She is usually cold or aloof to those around her. Integra is extremely proud of her heritage, her religion, and her country. The Hellsing family, in her own words, are "on a mission from God," and she values her duties above everything else - except perhaps her own personal honor. Failure is not tolerated.