Integra has long, blond hair; thin, ice blue eyes; and pale brown skin which suggests her mother was of foreign blood, most likely Indian. (Aside from skin color, in the photograph from Order: 10, Integra's mother wears a sari; in Order: 09, Laura has a bindi; and Britian's colonization of India makes it very probable.) Integra is also very tall for a woman (190cm).

Sketches - Integra's face Sketches - Integra's body

She dresses in men's suits (back view), which are dark green in the anime, over a collared, white dress shirt. Under her collar is a dark blue tie with a cross pinned to it. Integra has round-framed glasses and wears white gloves and dark brown shoes. She is frequently seen smoking small cigars.

Her appearance and mannerisms cause her to sometimes be mistaken for a man, at least by Hellsing viewers; also, her titles as "Sir" (since she is a female knight) and "Lord" add to the confusion.

Sketches - Integra's uniform

In Order: 03 Sword Dancer, she also wears a formal uniform when confronting Father Alexander Andersong. The color scheme is almost the same as her regular suit and she keeps her blue tie, but the outfit itself is different. She wears boots, a dark overcoat, and a belt which secures a sword at her side.

As a child, Integra did wear dresses, at least while her father was still alive. The outfit consisted of a collared, white dress shirt with a red tie, a long, blue pleated skirt, and brown shoes. The point at which Integra adopted wearing men's attire is unknown.