If you would like to submit your Hellsing fanart to be displayed on this website, please e-mail me your name, e-mail address, URL, and image (.jpg or .gif formats only) attached to or linked in the e-mail. Submissions should be your own work, not someone else's, and they should obviously relate to Integra even though they don't have to be only of her. Please do not use these images without permission from the artists.

Acatsu Mizuha (Website: Beniiro Majutsu Tanteidan)
Integra, Arucard, and Seras Integra and Arucard Integra with a cigar

Ann (Website:
Integral's face

Bishonen no Hime
Integra as Ms. Scarlet from Clue

Immora (Website:
Integral as a vampire

Jingu (Website: No Life King)
Alucard x Integra

Kipouiket (Website: Carfax Abbey)
Integra waking up Integra reacting <3

Kit (Website: Manga Delights)
Alucard and Integra as dogs Alucard and Maxwell fight for Integra

Mess (Website: A Cautionary Tale)
Integra and her dog

Nitty Kitty
Integral in Alucard's clothes


Integra and Alucard

Teffy (Website: Psycho Teffy's Realm)
Integra with a gun