Doujinshi literally are self-published books, but in its most commonly used form (at least in Western dialogue), it refers to fan manga. In Japan, doujinshi are very popular, and doujinshika base them on anime, video games, and manga. Since doujinshi are fan created, they are published under 'circles' that the artists belong to. Doujinshi are very cheap in Japan since they are not-for-profit, and they are published in limited quantities.

The following are some scans from several Hellsing doujinshi. For more Hellsing doujinshi information, covers, and circles, you can visit Obsession, my doujinshi site.

Title: Grand Reparation
Circle: Swat Planning
Published: 12-29-2000
Little Integra Super Deformed Integra Scantily clad Integra Arucard and young Integra Arucard and little Integra

Title: Cool Magician
Artist: Acatsu Mizuha
Circle: Beniiro Majutsu Tanteidan
Published: 08-11-2000
Various forms of Integra *smooch* Integra in a black dress