The only daughter of Sir Arthur Hellsing, Integra grows up with a privileged life. She is, however, always aware of her obligations to her family's legacy, duty, and honor. Her mother apparently died when she was young, and she lives with her beloved father, Walter, and perhaps her uncle Richard. Although probably a normal child, Integra received some unusual schooling - her father taught her about the vampires and other undead that Hellsing protected England against, no doubt to prepare her to take on his responsibilities when he died.

Sir Hellsing and Integra Sir Hellsing and Integra

The recounting of Arucard and Integra's first meeting is somewhat distorted by the fact that it's presented within Integra's dream. Although the events are probably accurate, the voices that Integra hears may not have been; the present-day Arucard is both watching and 'participating' in the dream. Thus, Integra's past as presented in the anime may be a little off.

When Sir Hellsing died, Integra was only thirteen. Sir Hellsing left the organization to his daughter, much to the fury of his younger brother, Richard, who had been coveting the position for the past twenty years. Despite the Queen of England's personal approval of Hellsing's decision, Richard, motivated by intense greed and jealousy, decides to murder his niece before the acceptance ceremony can take place. (Walter seems to have been away on business.)

Dying Hellsing Richard plots murder

Integra, however, overhears the plot from her hiding place in the air ducts. Remembering her father's words to go to the underground prison should she ever need protection against an enemy, Integra follows his advice. In the basement, she discovers a door with a large, strange symbol marked on it. She reaches for the door, and upon touching the handle, has a horrifying vision of a vampire (Arucard) surrounded by soldiers with guns; Arucard kills them easily, violently.

Before she can open the door, Richard and his men find her. Richard says he will kill her for England, Hellsing, and himself. Integra, disgusted, tells him that her father left Hellsing to her because of men like Richard. Richard angrily shoots at her, and the bullet grazes her face. Integra doesn't even flinch, even while Richard tauntingly asks if she really thought he wouldn't shoot a girl.

With her back to the door, Integra touches the handle again; this time, she has a vision of Arucard's body being bound, then locked behind the door. A voice from behind her whispers to her, "Right now... Do you want to die?" Determinedly, Integra opens the door and falls down the stairs into the cell. As she lies on the floor, Richard shoots her arm, and her blood splatters on the floor in front of a motionless, wrapped body with long, white hair.

Integra, Richard, and his men are surprised by the corpse, and Richard says it was the last of Hellsing's prisoners. He is about to kill Integra, who closes her eyes, but sounds from behind her startle him. When Integra looks up, she sees that the body is moving; more precisely, the corpse is licking Integra's blood off of the floor.

Integra is shot Arucard licks up Integra's blood

No one knows what is going on, but the white haired body quickly charges one of Richard's goons and rips off his head. As he eagerly drinks the man's blood, Integra realizes that he is a vampire and wonders if this is supposed to protect her. The vampire quickly kills the other man; Integra can only stare, aghast, and wonder what type of experiments her father did. Richard holds his gun up at the vampire, but the undead rips Richard's right arm off, and the hand, still holding the gun, falls to the floor.

Integra grabs the gun as the vampire approaches her. He asks her if she was the one who awakened him. She tells the "monster" to stay back, but he says that hers was the first blood he had drank in twenty years, and he found it delicious. She shoots him, but the bullet holes close over immediately. He laughs puts his arms on the wall on either side of her. He tells her that if she ever needs help, to call him, and "everyone will fall." Integra, however, doesn't understand his meaning and says that she, Integra Hellsing, leader of the Royal Protestant Knights, will not be the servant to a vampire. The vampire says that her that guns are useless, so she should just give up and be his - Integra furiously tells him to shut up and says that she will never give up, even if she should die, because that would go against her duty and pride as a Hellsing. The vampire, surprisingly, laughs and says that her spirit is wonderful; she must certainly be "his" daughter. He then bends down on one knee before her, apologizing to "Lord Hellsing" for being rude, and says, "Your orders, my master?"

Integra and Arucard Arucard bows before Integra

As Integra stares at the vampire in confusion, Richard struggles to stand up, lifting a gun with his left hand. He can't believe that a vampire would cohort with an mere girl, and he claims that Hellsing is his. He fires at Integra, but before the bullet can hit her, the vampire throws is arm in front of her, absorbing the bullet. The vampire says that Richard has tainted blood and can never be a leader. Integra aims the gun at Richard and asks the vampire his name. The vampire says that he is called Arucard. Integra then fires the gun at Richard, killing him.

Arucard stops Richard's bullet Integra aims at Richard

Fast-forward ten years: Integra is now twenty-three, and Arucard works as Hellsing's "trash disposal unit." It is at this point in Integra's life that the anime actually begins.