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What is Hikaru no Go?

Hikaru no Go is a shounen manga series created by Hotta Yumi, who wrote the story, and Obata Takeshi, who drew the illustrations. It ran for 23 volumes and was made into a 75-episode anime series.

The story focuses on a young boy, Shindou Hikaru, who discovers an old haunted Go board in his grandfather's attic. Go is an ancient strategy game played on a board with black and white pieces. From the board comes a ghost, Fujiwara no Sai, who was a Go player 1,000 years ago. Sai's goal in his afterlife is to learn the Divine Move, a move or set of moves that are perfect in all-being. Because Hikaru is the only one who can see Sai, Sai decides to accompany him.

Although Hikaru initially only plays Go according to Sai's desire and movement decisions, Hikaru soon gains his own interest in the game and decides to learn how to play Go on his own. This interest is in part prompted by Touya Akira, a boy who is the same age as Hikaru, but whom Hikaru later learns is on the verge of becoming a professional Go player. The series focuses mostly on Hikaru's growth and development as he learns Go and decides to also become a professional Go player.

The series, though it sounds completely boring on paper (a manga about Go?), is actually extremely addictive and has a strong story with a ton of great characters. If the subject matter seems duller than dirt, give it a try anyway - likely you will find it as compelling as the millions of fans worldwide who adore it.

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