This is the Anime Fanlistings Network approved fanlisting for the anime and manga series Gundam Wing, as well as its OVA/movie sequel Endless Waltz. This fanlisting opened in December 2003.

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Gundam Wing is one of my favorite anime series. I've been in love with the anime since I first saw it fansubbed in 2000 or so. (Sadly, the fansubs are more accurate than the official subtitled DVDs, but I have both, so all is good in the world.) My personal favorite characters are Lucrezia Noin and Zechs Merquise, but I adore almost all of the characters, and those that I don't love, I at least respect.

The current layout, version two, features artwork of Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei from Newtype's 30th Gundam anniversary special. The original image was downloaded from Minitokyo. The layout also uses textures from moargh.de, and the featured font is Faith Collapsing. The members list is powered by Enthusiast.

One of the things I find most striking about the characters of Gundam Wing is their youth. It took me completely off-guard when I learned that Zechs, Noin, and Une were only 19, and that Treize was only in his 20s. The Gundam pilots and Relena, of course, are children who had to grow up extremely fast and enter a war created and perpetuated by adults, and so they sacrificed any chance of living normal lives. From the characters' relatively young ages comes this fanlisting's title.

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