Japanese Voice:
Kobayashi Ai Electra's Japanese seiyuu, or voice actress, is Kobayashi Ai. Her description from the official Cowboy Bebop website: "Kobayashi is a leading actress in the theater troupe Team Happo Bizin, looks great in battle-dress, and specialises in gun-play. She has also appeared in commercials and on TV, and has done extensive voice-over work. In the anime world, her roles have included Chako in the latest Crayon Shin-chan movie, The Adult Empire Strikes Back, and the character of Lili in Turn-A Gundam."

Although Kobayashi hasn't had much experience with voice acting in anime, the director of Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe, said, "I knew exactly what kind of voice I wanted. Especially with Ai- the moment I heard her demo tape, I thought: 'That's it! She's Electra!' With Tsutomu [Vincent's seiyuu], too, I felt that I had exactly the right voice. Dramatically, I wanted to get people who could give a raw, naturalist feel to Bebop."

English Voice: Electra's voice actress is Jennifer Hale. She has done voice work in several popular cartoons and video games. I haven't heard her before, so I'm not aware of her range or acting ability, but she's probably quite good. Some of her roles are below.

Baldur's Gate II - Mazzy Fentan
Bloody Roar Primal Fury - Alice
B.R.U.N.O. the Kid - Leecy Davidson
Carmen Sandiego - Ivy
Cinderella II - Cinderella
Gabriel Knight III - Madeline Buthane
Grandia - Elena
Grandia II - Paella
Johnny Bravo - extras
Johnny Quest - Jesse Bannon
Metal Gear Solid II - Emma
Mighty Ducks - Mallory
The Powerpuff Girls - Ms. Keane, extras
Samurai Jack - extras
Scooby-Doo movies - Dottie and Thorn
Spider Man Unlimited - Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy, and others

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