Story: summary of the movie

At the beginning of the movie, Spike and Jet target criminals raiding a convenience store. After the credits, Faye hunts a bounty, Lee Samson, on Mars. While chasing whom she presumes is the criminal, Faye sees a different man exit a tanker. In the next second, the tanker explodes; Faye catches a glimpse of the man, who has an unusual tattoo on his wrist. He quickly disappears.

The story is all over the news- the explosion injured and killed hundreds of people. Chemical toxins have been suspected. Faye returns and tells the Bebop crew that she witnessed the accident. When the news announces a 300 million Woolong reward on the criminal responsible for the attack, the crew, of course, wants to go after him.

At the hospital, detectives investigating the case learn that the virus released during the tanker explosion is unlike any the doctors know of. It also does unusual things to the victims' brains.

Meanwhile, the Bebop crew splits up on different leads to track down Vincent. Spike goes to Moroccan Street and encounters Rashid, a man who gives him cryptic advice and a present- a large vase. While on the street, Spike has his first encounter with Electra, who is in disguise. He stares at her as she passes by him.

Jet meets with Bob from the ISSP. Bob reveals that the exploded tanker originated from Cherious Medical, but the company did not report the tanker as missing. It supposedly was carrying contraband.

Vincent meets with a man, Murata, and gives him a case full of blue marbles, which he identifies as capsules. Each capsule contains 30,000 units that replicate when the capsules open.

Meanwhile, Faye identifies the tattoo from Vincent's wrist. When scrolling through a list of Special Forces members, Ed barks at Vincent's picture. Faye doesn't believe that it's Vincent, since he supposedly died several years ago in the Titan Wars. Faye goes after Lee Samsom, Vincent's accomplice. Jet and Spike return; Ed finds a blue capsule in the vase Spike has.

Jet and Ed analyze the capsule. It contains lymph corpuscles, which are found in human blood, only these are different. When they heat the capsule up, it implodes.

Faye chases after Lee, but only manages to get his hat.

Electra reports to the CEO of Cherious with a man named Harris. They report their progress on finding someone called Mendelo and the ISSP's handling of Vincent's attack. The CEO tells them that they must eliminate both Mendelo and Vincent.

As Electra is walking down the hall, she notices Spike, who has snuck into Cherious Medical disguised as a janitor. She recognizes him and holds a gun to him, but when she asks him what he knows, he fights her. Both are quite skilled, with Spike seeming to take the upper hand, and eventually, Spike escapes.

Lee has managed to hack into the city's system, and on cue, all TVs in the city display a cryptic message from Vincent.

Spike returns to the Bebop. Jet reports his findings: the capsules contain nanobots. However, they still don't know anything. Spike tells him that the military is involved with Cherious and that he has encountered a beautiful woman with the same tattoo as Vincent. Faye looks for Lee's hat, which somehow has been misplaced.

Ed and Ein have tracked down Lee using Lee's hat and Ein's sense of smell. They contact Faye but then run off before they tell her which building Lee is in.

In Vincent's apartment, Vincent shoots a capsule, releasing the nanobots. Lee inhales them and starts to choke. He dies as Faye enters the apartment, having heard the gunshot. She begins to breathe in the nanobots, too. Vincent appears behind her; she shoots him in the hand. He licks his blood, then kisses her.

Spike has bugged Electra, and he wakes up from a nap when he intercepts a transmission telling Electra of Vincent's location. Both Spike and Electra go after Vincent, who heads towards the monorail station.

On the train, Spike confronts Vincent. They are at a stalemate until Electra runs towards them. Vincent shoots her in the arm. Spike and Vincent then fight, with Vincent winning. He holds Spike out of the window, shoots him, and drops him into the water. Electra tries to get Vincent to remember her, but he holds up a grenade. It explodes, releasing the nanobots on all the passengers, and only Electra is unaffected.

Spike is saved by Bull. Jet finds them, and he tells Spike that Vincent has disappeared.

The CEO of Cherious reprimands Electra for disobeying orders. After she leaves, he tells Harris to keep an eye on her.

At the Bebop, Ed announces she's hacked into Cherious Medical. She discovers a profile on Dr. Mendelo, who did research on nanobot technology. Cherious secretly designed nanobots for the military. Nanobots have since been banned, but Vincent has somehow managed to acquire them.

Spike goes to look for Rashid. Electra asks a scientist at Cherious, Steve, to analyze some of her blood. He says he will if she'll go out on a date with him. She reluctantly agrees.

Rashid, aka Dr. Mendelo, finds Spike and explains to him the nanobots and Vincent. Vincent was the guinea pig for a test vaccine to stop the nanobots; he was injected with anti-nanobots.

Faye has awakened, bound and tied in Vincent's apartment. He tells her he has given her his blood so that she will live, like him. When she asks him why he is doing this, Vincent replies that he is looking for a door out of his dream. On Titan, everyone but him died from the testing, and he lost two things: memories of his past, and seeing the most beautiful butterflies in the world, which Rashid reveals is a side effect of when the nanobots reach the brain.

After Rashid leaves, Spike is captured by military troops.

Electra enters the CEO's office and is surrounded by troops. They ask how she has anti-nanobots in her blood. When she says they can use the anti-nanobots in her to make a vaccine, the CEO says that they must try to eliminate all record of their experimentation.

Electra and Spike are in separate cells next to each other. Spike has deduced that Electra has anti-nanobots in her blood. She talks to him about wanting to help Vincent. Spike asks if she is in love with Vincent, but she says she doesn't know, only she had a painful feeling in her when she realized he didn't recognize her. Spike tells her about Julia, and he says Electra is the first person he can talk to like this. When she asks him why he is after Vincent, Spike says that they have similar souls.

Vincent asks Faye about Spike. He then wonders if Faye will join him, since after he releases his nanobots and destroys the world, they will be the only ones left. He has concluded that the world is inane, not him. She refuses. Murata arrives at the apartment; Vincent kills him, then leaves, saying he'll be at the "bridge to Heaven."

Harris comes to fetch Electra and Spike, to either kill them or erase their memories. Electra and Spike manage to turn the tables on them, however, and escape. They fetch vaccines that have been made from Electra's blood.

Faye escapes from the apartment.

On the Bebop, the team and Electra realize where Vincent is going to attack- Alva City, using jack o'lanterns to release the nanobots. Spike goes after him, leaving Electra and Jet to deal with the vaccines, and Faye goes to the weather control department to order up some rain.

Spike is shot down outside of Alva City. Electra and Jet hire some old airplanes to spread the vaccine in the city, and then Electra heads towards Alva City in her car. As Spike nears the city, he realizes where Vincent is- in a tower remarkably similar to Tokyo Tower. There, he confronts Vincent.

The planes release the vaccine, and while Vincent and Spike fight, it starts to rain. Electra, on the street, realizes where they are. Vincent beats Spike up pretty badly, and then detonates the jack o'lanterns. The nanobots enter Spike's body.

Vincent holds a gun to Spike and asks him which reality is real, this or the one the butterflies showed him. Electra appears and holds a gun to him. She says they should go together. She closes her eyes and shoots, just as Vincent's eyes widen in recognition. He falls, without having shot at her. Spike asks why he did not shoot, and Vincent says he remembered he loved her. He was searching for a way out, but there wasn't any. Spike says he should've known that from the start. Vincent tells Electra that the time he spent with her was his only reality, and he is glad he could meet her again at the end. He dies, and Electra silently grieves.

Faye and Jet are flying back to the Bebop. Faye asks what the rain did, and Jet says it spread the vaccine faster than the nanobots.

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