Background: Not much is known about Electra Ovilo, including her age, birthdate, and origin. She is probably about Spike's age, so around her late 20s. Currently, she works for Cherious Medical Co., Ltd. in the Development and Investigation section, although she's more than just a normal laboratory worker. As Spike points out, she's unusually strong, and her martial arts skills actually equal his.

In fact, Cherious Medical Co. has ties with the military. Electra is a colonel in the military. She is obviously very good at what she does, is well-trained and highly skilled, is focused on her job, and presumably follows orders well. Within Cherious Medical Co., her primary duties seem to lie in the investigation unit, the military-run section that handles any "problems" that the company encounters.

Currently, Electra is after the terrorist, Vincent Volaju, although her motives are quite different from both the bounty hunters and Cherious Medical. She has some link to him, and she has the same tattoo on her wrist as he does. As Spike is also after Vincent, the two cross paths frequently, although Electra isn't quite as happy to see him as Spike is her.

Her official description from the movie book, translated by Maya <3: "Birth origin, age, birthdate unknown. She's stood in Spike's way many times in the past, and is also on the search for terrorist Vincent, but for a different reason than those of the bounty hunters'. Her skill in martial arts are equal to that of Spike's, and it seems as if she had gone through a considerable amount of training. She has the same tattoo Vincent does on her wrist, and she is also one of the few people who know about Vincent's lost past."

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