2022: Got back into buying doujinshi thanks to Genshin Impact. My OTP is Thoma x Kamisato Ayato (Thomato) and Kamisato Ayato x Thoma (Waka/Thoma). Second OTP is Diluc x Kaeya (Luckae). I also really love Zhongli x Lumine. Collecting doujinshi for all these pairings.

2020: I got burned out trying to keep up with Fire Emblem: Three Houses doujinshi, so I've pretty much stopped buying doujinshi altogether. If Mo Dao Zu Shi ever becomes big enough in Japan to warrant doujinshi, I'd buy XiCheng (Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng) books. However, I've only seen a few Korean doujinshi on Twitter.

2019: Occasionally buying doujinshi; still not updating here. I've been buying Final Fantasy XIV doujinshi books, mostly general; however, I'm also looking for books with the rare Estinien x Ysayle pairing. Other buys: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild doujinshi with Link x Zelda; Fire Emblem Heroes doujinshi with the Nifl siblings or Eliwood x Ninian; and NieR: Automata doujinshi with pairings for 9S x 2B or Adam x Eve (and Eve x Adam).

2013: Still buying doujinshi, still not updating this website. Mostly after Chrom x female Robin (Reflet) doujinshi from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Also buying Roy x Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist) doujinshi, Mitsurugi x Mei (Gyakuten Saiban) doujinshi, and adult Hope x Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) doujinshi when they pop up.

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