Sue = Cream = Sue

Sue = Cream = Sue consists of two artists, ANKO and A-KI-RA. ANKO has adorable artwork. A-KI-RA has a very unique style - characters are sort of chibi, but not exactly - that takes some time getting used to.

Title: "Sister Strawberry"
Artists: ANKO and A-KI-RA
Date of Publication: 12/30/1994
Size and Length: B5; 86 pages
Circle: Sue Cream Sue
Comments: A hentai doujinshi. Has different stories which mainly focus on Haruka and Michiru. There's also a short explicit Haruka x Usagi story and a story where Haruka seductively kisses Mamoru. It's an alright doujinshi and it has some cute art, but it's definitely not one of my favorites.

Title: "Merry Merry"
Artists: A-KI-RA and ANKO
Date of Publication: ??
Size and Length: B5; 59 pages
Circle: Sue Cream Sue
Comments: Stories by A-KI-RA and ANKO. A couple of short stories by both, then a longer Christmas one by ANKO. Very cute doujinshi. This is hentai though. There's a nice scene at the end of Super Sailor Uranus using her Space Sword in a sequence similar to Super Sailor Moon's SuperS attack.

Description of Picture Artist
Cover of "Merry Merry" ANKO