Studio Canopus

Yamada Mario (Yamada Marion, Wagamama Marion) is a huge fan favorite of Haruka x Michiru fans, with good reason. Her artwork is absolutely incredible, and her works are highly sought after. She's also my favorite doujinshika for Sailor Moon doujinshi.

Need to Add: about six or seven other Studio Canopus books.

Title: "Senshi x Shikkaku"
Artist: Wagamama Marion (Yamada Mario)
Date of Publication: 12/1996
Size and Length: B5; 38 pages
Circle: Studio Canopus
Comments: A nicely drawn doujinshi. There are some cute strips about Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna taking care of Hotaru as Hotaru grows up from a baby into a young teenager. (Haruka is the overprotective father while Michiru has to forcibly prevent Setsuna from using her senshi powers on Hotaru.) There's another set of stories where Haruka attempts to seduce Ami though she goes overboard, and just as she thinks she's about to get some action, Michiru interrupts. There are several pretty side pictures of Haruka and Michiru: one has them lounging around on a windy day, another has Haruka snuggling Michiru in bed, in another Haruka and Michiru are about to kiss in the rain, another has Haruka and Michiru in formalwear.

Title: "Sweet to Sweet R"
Artists: Yamada Mario and Mikuni Shoko
Date of Publication: 11/3/1999
Size and Length: B5; 30 pages
Circles: Studio Canopus and Kyrie
Comments: There's a cute, but short, two-page story about the important holidays that Haruka and Michiru must celebrate all in a row (Christmas, New Year's, Haruka's birthday, Valentine's Day, Michiru's birthday, etc.), much to their exhaustion. There's also a short text novel by Yamada-san with a few pictures. At the end, there's a pretty, though explicit, story drawn by Mikuni-san and written by Yamada-san about Haruka, Michiru, Valentine's Day chocolate, and a bed. There are a few stand-alone pictures, but not many.