Nodoka Kiyose from the circle Frontier has really beautiful doujinshi. Her books are based on video games, mostly Final Fantasy. The majority of her Final Fantasy doujinshi focus on Cloud x Aerith for Final Fantasy VII. Her Future series, in which Aerith is revived, is well-known. Unfortunately, I detest both Aerith and the Cloud x Aerith pairing, but I still love her artwork, regardless.

Title: Climax: The Story of Lock Cole
Circle: Frontier
Date: December 29, 1998
Size: B5
Pages: 38
Description: A doujinshi about Lock (Locke) Cole from FFVI and how he meets Edgar Figaro after Rachel's death.

Tomorrow - Front Cover Tomorrow - Back Cover
Title: Tomorrow
Circle: Frontier
Date: 2000
Size: A5
Pages: 182
Description: This is a remix of Kiyose's Final Fantasy VII doujinshi from 1997-1999 including: "Disc One," "Cloud in the Air," "Tomorrow," "Again," "Promised Land," "Memories," "Romance," "Loveless," and some new things.

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